Enter the world of Hero Television!

In the metropolitan city of Ostia Manila, there are people with superpowers called “NEXT” (New Entities with eXtraordinary Talents). Sporting sponsor logos on their suits, these superheroes fight crime and save people’s lives in order to earn Hero Points, while also helping to improve the public image of their corporate sponsors.

Not only that, their heroic activities are documented and broadcast by the mega popular HERO TV show, which hold an annual King of Heroes contest to determine who is the greatest of them all. As you can imagine, a good number of superheroes are vying for the coveted title.

It is now the year 1982 N.C., 49 years after the first emergence of the NEXTs. There are new participants to the newest season of Hero Television. What feats are they prepared to demonstrate to the viewers?

((uses old Marvel Superheroes Rules))