Hero Television: Philippine Edition

Act 0: Not Another Hero Series
Lights. . . Camera. . . ACTION!!!

With the success of Sternbild City spreading far and wide, it was only a matter of time until the same business model was adopted in other regions. Four years after the Apollo Media incident, the vast majority of the world still put faith in HERO TV and their many participants.

In Ostia Manila, NEXT clamor for a spot in the upcoming HERO TV Season. Some are looking for fame and fortune, while others ready to represent their respective companies and advocates. The criteria for selection has yet to be announced, and everyone wait in eager anticipation.

Crime does not wait, however, and a series of unrelated incidents take place all over the city on the same day that Hero TV selections are to take place. The local law enforcement and emergency response teams have already deployed but are spread thin at the magnitude of each incident.

NEXTs are faced to make their own choices. . .

((game period: 19 February 2012 19:13H GMT +8))

The opening ceremony for Ostia Manila’s HERO TV selections began with an opening speech from one of Sternbild’s iconic faces, Barnaby Brooks Jr and a montage presentation of all the NEXT heroes that came before. And just as the producer of the new HERO TV franchise was explaining the mechanics of the selection process, dizaster struck. . . They came in the form of five celestial bodies crashing in random areas of the city’s upper tier commercial districts. Improvising and taking the opportunity, the producer mustered all the present auditioners to mobilize and coordinate with local authorities for dizaster response, promising full coverage of the events and rating their deeds for the selection process.

Focus was given to three particular commercial zones: Marquina Fairs, Paranaque Aviaries, and Tondo Guilds.

Players individually chose which of the three zones to assist in while they were constantly followed by one of hundresd of remote video drones covering their actions.

The Producer has given all of them objectives to go by. Coordinate with the Authorized Response Teams, Aid in the Rescue Efforts, Prevent further damage to Ostia Manila’s various upper foundations and secure or identify what exactly struck the city.

The show is on!

Sunday, 26 February 2012, 17:22H


NEXTs vying for a spot in the King of Heroes Philippines are giving their all in evacuation and rescue attempts. Quite a few have suddenly risen in popularity despite all being nameless underdogs, while others suddenly feel the pressure and realize just how diminished their abilities actually are when put to the test.

Cameras continue to roll, leaving nothing to chance in capturing all their trials and tribulations. Professor Lambda keeps a watchful eye as he coordinates with the local authorities and the participants alike in preventing further damage from spreading past the Commercial Zones.

Excluding participation of Barnaby, Nannite and Rainbow Maple, the following registered participants have caught the attention of the masses and various corporations eagerly witnessing the event: Blue Bolt, Pyricus, Silver Sapphire, Rampage, The Atlas, DeadMau5, Talisman and Codename Nightshade.

The fires have all been supressed by the combined forces of NEXTs and Ground & Air Fire Teams. But rescue efforts continue as countless more civilians remain trapped/stranded in various damaged complexes in the affected zones.

Tensions remain…


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