Hero Name: Atlas
Hero’s Identity (Secret): Timothy Ty Tan
Age: 21
Origin: Altered Human
Primary Abilities Rank #

Fighting….. Remarkable 26
Agility….. Excellent 16
Strength….. Amazing 46
Endurance….. Remarkable 28
Reason….. Excellent 16
Intuition… Excellent 16
Psyche ….. Incredible 36

Secondary Abilities:


Special Abilities:

1.) Personal Force Field – Amazing 46 Rank Protection vs. Energy. A Force Field is most effective against energy attacks, less effective against all others. Treat the amount of protection against other forms of attack at ten points less than the listed rank number.

2.) Growth – The hero can temporarily increase his physical size at will. As he grows, the hero becomes an easier target (+1 CS). Atomic Gain: enables the hero to somehow create or gain new atoms and incorporate them into his atomic structure. As the hero gains new matter, his size and mass (Good Rank: x4)increase as well. Str increases +2 CS. However, Health seems to increase because physical attacks do less relative damage (-2 CS for Physical attacks). Original Height 5’ 11" Original Weight 200 lbs. Growth increase to 24 feet Ht. and 800 lbs. Weight.

3.) Telekinesis – Incredible 36 Rank. The hero can handle material objects without having to make direct or indirect physical contact (pushing or blowing, for example). The hero can perform any action that could be accomplished using normal Strength. A character with telekinesis may develop various Power Stunts:
• Flight for self and others within one area at -1CS Power rank, providing the character can lift that amount of weight.

4.) Telepathy – Remarkable (26) Rank. The hero with Telepathic Power may establish mind-to-mind communication between himself and other individuals. The telepath only reads surface thoughts, but does so without visible or audible signs. The hero attempting to make telepathic contact must make a Power rank FEAT. Contact is automatic with willing targets and unwilling targets who have a lower Psyche than the hero’s. Targets of equal Psyche require a yellow FEAT, and those with mental Powers or some form of psionic screening a red FEAT. Individuals with a higher Psyche who are unwilling to be contacted telepathically are impossible FEATs. Characters with telepathy may develop Power Stunts, including:
• Using the telepathic “push” as a bolt of mental force of Power rank range and damage, using the Energy attack column.
• Linking the minds of a team sharing a Karma pool, so that all team members are aware of each other’s actions. Range for this is half that listed for Powers. Non-verbal orders may be passed, and all characters are considered to have the Intuition of the telepath.
• Performing a mental probe at -2CS Power rank ability.


1.) Martial Arts B: This form of martial arts is keyed on offense and inflicting damage in short, quick bursts, and includes such disciplines as boxing. The practitioner of this form of martial arts gains a +1CS to Fighting ability when engaged in unarmed combat.

2.) Wrestling: The hero with this Talent is proficient in applying holds. It includes familiar types of wrestling as well as the sumo forms of the art. The hero with this Talent gains a + 2CS when making Grappling attacks, but gains no benefit in damage. (A hero with Martial Arts B and this Talent gains a +3CS to hit in a Grappling attack, and a + 1CS for damage.)

3.) Journalism: The hero with this Talent gains an additional 2 Contacts to those already generated. The Contacts should be connected with the media in some fashion, such as at local newspapers, radio or TV stations, or has sources in law enforcement, political circles, or snitches of the criminal underworld.


Timothy is a freelance writer (under the pseudonym Clarke Cant) for several magazines and a newspaper (The Daily Inquirer). His specialty is that he is able to write about several topics: Cars (review), Sports cars, Racing, Most Fighting Sports, Basketball, Football, etc. He has several friends in these fields and is considered an amateur competitor in some of them (mainly basketball, circuit racing and Mixed Martial arts). With his free time, he joins volunteer groups for charity work or appears as a Superhero in Hero TV.

As Atlas, he is known for being strong and tough. Mainly using his strength, fighting skills and Telekinesis, he plans to keep his other powers (Growth, Telepathy) a secret from the Public as much as possible. Preferring to keep a few aces in his sleeve for an emergency.

[more to follow pending on GM game intro}



Filipino boy’s mom sent to USA (give birth, grant son US Visa). At age 8, while playing in the farm/garden, he meets a female alien/goddess/fairy princess and saves her (bear trap? Weakness to cold iron?). In gratitude and seeing the boy to be pure of heart, she gives him one of her playthings. A small golden bauble/marble/toy ball. After a few months, the boy is sent home (province in the Philippines) where he meets a cousin who convinces him the golden thingee is an anting-anting and should be swallowed. Boy swallows it and slowly develops powers. But before his powers matured, his mom and brothers were killed in a family feud type gang war ( his dad is ex mayor, the enemy is Jueteng Lord and current gov., congressman, mayor etc etc.), he is smuggled back to the US for his safety. Character currently has finished college and is picking up his life in foreign land and slowly learning about his powers (or, hiding out in the City of Metro Manila).


Dad: Chinese businessman who became a good mayor for two terms before being removed from power by rival family who has deep connections (or actually are…) with Drug and Gambling lords. Status unknown. Dead? In hiding? Etc.

Mom: Half Chinese, half Filipina.

Brothers: Two older killed in gun battle. Youngest killed in attack to family home.

Sister: Younger sister. Status unknown. Hiding? Also smuggled to different part of US? China? Only GM knows. Just like cousin, has swallowed an ancient anting anting. Character unaware of any of this. GM free to assign powers.

Cousin: fanatic of Filipino ancient magic lore. Definitely swallowed (maybe more) an anting anting or two. GM decides any effects.

Sponsors wishlist:

Philippine Daily Inquirer
Gold’s Gym
Cats Motors Inc.
Red Bull (Basketball & Racing Team)
The Boeing Company


Hero Television: Philippine Edition Gruesson