Dream Cast R.U.E.

Prototype Remote Equipment of a former Gaming Console


Origin: (rolled 77) Hi-Tech Wonder

Human Operator
F Typical (rolled 21)
A Typical (rolled 39)
S Typical (rolled 30)
E Good (rolled 52)
R Incredible (rolled 83 +2CS)
I Remarkable (rolled 99)
P Good (rolled 08)

Machine Interface
F Excellent (rolled 73)
A Remarkable (rolled 87)
S Excellent (rolled 71)
E Incredible (rolled 94)

Alter-Ego Status(use Mahchine Interface stats when Dream Cast is deployed. use normal human stats otherwise)

Health: 28 (human) / 110 (machine interface)
Karma: 74
Resources: not defined yet
Popularity: not defined yet


#1. Remarkable Body Armor for protection vs. Physical (Reinforced & Superseded by a #2. Amazing Force Field for protection vs. Energy)
—-Power Stunt: Transfer all Power Feed dedicated to Energy Weapons to reinforce Force Field to Monstrous status.

#3. Excellent Artifact Creation

Obsidian Laser Handgun
Range: Remarkable
Damage: 10
Type: Energy
Rate: 1
Shots: 10 (1 round to Recharge after depletion)
Material: Poor

Blackbull Laser Rifle
Range: Remarkable
Damage: 20
Type: Energy
Rate: 1
Shots: 20
Material: Typical

Q’Bara Laser Cannon
Range: Amazing
Damage: 30
Type: Energy
Rate: 1
Shots: 10
Material: Excellent

GRM Beam Saber
Damage: 10
Type: Edge Attack
Material: Excellent
Special: Reduce Machine Interface HP by 10 when GRM Beam Saber is in use. Return 10HP when stowed away. Lose the 10HP if destroyed. The saber cannot be created and used if the current Machine Interface HP does not meet the requirements. This is exclusive from Artifact Creation Requirements if GRM Beam Saber is deployed that way.

S.U.V. Artillery Weapon
Range: Monstrous
Damage: 50
Type: Energy
Rate: 1
Shots: 1 (reload not possible)
Material: Remarkable
Special: This weapon is a last-resort option. As such, it can only be used when the following conditions have been met. 1) Current Combat Turn does not fall into the first 4 combat rounds. 2) Total Accumulated Damage of 100: Add up damage taken & damage dealt 3) Dream Cast has enough HP to call out the facsimile weapon via Artifact Creation OR the actual Prototype is transported from the test facility to the current location. 4) SEGA receives permission from Department of Defense for the weapon deployment & utilization.

4/4 Talents - rolled 00

Electronics (University of Aberdeen)
Engineering (University of Aberdeen)
Robotics (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Cybernetics (Mapua Institute of Technology)

Contacts/Sponsors Wish List:

SEGA Corporation
Crypton Future Media, Inc.
Yamaha Corporation
Cairn Energy
Royal Bank of Scotland



Real Name: Lianne Williams Finnamore
Occupation: Research & Development Assistant
Legal Status: Citizen / Not Eligible for S.R.A. or N.R.A.
Identity: CDC-2007-4818 (associated name: Dream Cast R.U.E.)
Place of Birth: Aberdeen, Scotland
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Joshua Finnamore (Ftr), Angela Williams (Mtr)
Base of Operations: SEGA Industrial Laboratories, Ostia Manila
Past Group Affiliation: SEGA Software Development
Present Group Affiliation: SEGA Robotics & Cybernetics


Lianne developed a tinkering habit early, eagerly imitating her father as she watches him work in his shop. She had exceptional mechanical and electronic aptitude, despite her lack of orthodox training. Lianne was considered by family and friends to be exceptionally sweet and chipper, the type who maintained a bright attitude even when others were feeling low. This helped her throughout her growing years against bullies and naysayers, bringing much relief to her worried parents.

She joined the Sonic Dev Team of SEGA when its Program Director, Hashimoto Ahsuko, discovered her improving upon some of the rejected project designs and making them feasible. At the time, she was a college OJT for Kevin Bester, who was Sonic Team US’s Assistant Engineer. However, when Bester incorrectly informed Hashimoto that a crucial schematic could not be fixed, Lianne quickly proved him wrong by citing the problem and redrafting the troubled device. Impressed with her ability, Hashimoto immediately offered her Bester’s job. She happily accepted, submitted her transfer documents from one MIT to another, and sent her family a new forwarding address for SEGA’s Laboratories in Ostia Manila. This also surprises a few of her friends whom she used to keep distance correspondence with, as she isn’t so distant anymore.

Lianne was literally stabbed at the back by Kevin Bester, who got tired of being overshadowed by her after sixteen months. Bester was arrested for attempted murder and was sent to Cryogen Prison, Lianne survived the attack. What the disgruntled employee lacked in combat training, he made up for in sheer amount of luck, severing part of Lianne’s spinal column. This left her unable to make use of her body from the hips – down. Despite advances in Medical Sciences, thanks in part to Massive Dynamics, Incorporated, her condition only Cyberdization could solve. She refused treatment and insisted to keep her unusable legs, choosing to keep herself strapped to a wheelchair indefinitely.

Dr. Aldwyn Jasper witnessed the whole incident as she was present for a holo-conference with the other Dev Teams across the globe. She used Lianne’s injury as a bargaining chip to be allowed to remain on SEGA’s project leads, but closely working with their current Robotics & Cybernetics research in the hopes of helping the doomed engineer reclaim the use of her legs. Earlier, Dr. Jasper had been sanctioned from the project area for making astute comments on incompetence toward senior staff members who fail to follow her procedures to the letter, thus humiliating them in front of Lianne, who was also left embarrassed due to being a new member. And yet, her obvious concern emphasized Lilly’s importance to her and implied how deeply the other members of the team care—although Dr. Jasper would still tease her later by making fun of her grim-looking designs in contrast to the young engineer’s disposition.

Lianne had shown an affinity for strawberries. As part of her staple payment for being a contibuting member of the Dev Team, Hashimoto offered her a small box of strawberries, which she eagerly accepted. Later, when everyone in the team attended the Stark Expo, she immediately homed in on the bowl of strawberries on the buffet table.

Despite her mechanical aptitude which allowed Lianne to fix just about anything, she had a desire for girlish things and was annoyed when Mr. Stark did not see that she was a woman as well as a gearhead.

On the rare occasion that her ability failed her, she tended to lose her sunny disposition, as happened when their initial test of a Repurposed Utility Engine failed after an explosion, leaving Lianne saddened that her R.U.E. had become so damaged and she hadn’t noticed the ‘warnings.’ She tended to personify R.U.E., talking about her as if the frame were a sentient creature, and Lianne took insults to the machine interface personally when someone referred to it as “junk.”

The current Dev Team projects are separated in two. The first is the R.U.E. which is Lianne’s brainchild after Hashimoto assigned her to improve upon and commercialize DARPA’s T.A.C. project and giving it a touch of SEGA. The company’s goal was a different approach to Stark Industries Iron Man project, but ultimately leading to the same goal. The second is Dr. Jasper’s Man-Machine Interface, overtly supporting as a control system for the R.U.E. but covertly being tailored to remap Lianne’s damaged spine and giver her a chance to walk again.

Dream Cast R.U.E.

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