A sentient, intelligent nanobyte colony that has mutated into a human woman, capable of creating constructs & communicate with machines.


Hero’s Name: Nanite425263 120299661430128 100003502854369 85657 1938299533 n

Hero’s Identity: Ma. Francesca Arrovo Krueger; nee. Francine, nee. Frandie (secret)

Age: 22 yrs.

Origin: Mutant

Height: 5’6" weight: 110 lbs.

vital statistics: 33.5-24-35 (wears medium sized shirts & 8.5-inch shoes)

Base of Operations: 17D Naranhita St., Proj. 2, QC. Metro Mla

Group Affiliation:

Primary Abilities:

F Remarkable 26 A Incredible 36 S excellent 25 E Incredible 36 R Remarkable 26 I Excellent 16 P Good 8

Health (F+A+S+E) 123 Karma (R+I+P) 900 Popularity [-5/0] Initiative Modifier: [+1]

Sponsor companies & Resources: Massive Dynamics, inc. [gd], Texas Instruments Philippines [ty], Warner Music Philippines [ty]

Contacts:* 5*

Professor Lambda (Alexander Stracynzski) 3rd top executive at massive dynamics, inc. & defacto producer of Hero Tv PhilippinesLambda

Walter Bishop, P.h.D. Owner of Massive Dynamics, inc.; FBI/DHS consultant; Scientist; Doctor of Philosophy; Member of the Fringe Division Science Team; became a head developer for U.S.Government experimental research program called “Kelvin Genetics”, alongside his long-time friend William Bell, wherein they became the “progenitor” of Prof. Lambda (formerly Alexander Stracynzski); both conducted numerous experiments in the area of fringe science, including developing highly advanced weapons for the Army; at some point during 1970s, alongside Bell discovered the existence of another universe, through the heightened use of LSD, among other drugs, and proceeded to construct a “trans-dimensional window”, a portal which could view the other universe, which was more technologically advanced than our own, and began promptly copying the advanced technologies they saw over there, selling them to the Army to benefit this world; spent much time sending objects over to the Other Side, including Bell’s car, and discovered that the “multiverse” requires balance – If a car goes over the Other Side, then a car of the same mass must be sent into our universe.Walter bishop

Dr. William Bell William bell
Scientist, lab partner of Walter Bishop and founder of Massive Dynamics, inc. & plays a key role in every aspect of the business, from R&D to marketing. His personal vision continues to guide the firm’s progress, and his ongoing research constantly yields new innovations and product lines; a seven-time honoree in Business Leaders Journal’s list of “America’s Most Inspiring Corporate Leaders,” Dr. Bell is also a Fellow of the National Scientific Progress Council and the only two-time recipient of the Macro Genius Award.

Talents: (2/6)

Performer **(singing & competent guitar)The character is someone who acts, sings, dances, mimes, or otherwise uses his Talents to entertain (this is related to the Artist, the key difference being that the Artist may leave the scene of creation; the Performer is identified with that creation directly). A Performer receives 10 karma points for a week’s worth of performance,whether in a play, doing a nightclub routine, or working for a movie

Guns Individuals without this Talent fire guns (all handguns, rifles, and submachine guns, including laser, stun. and concussion varieties) at their Agility rank. Those with this Talent fire such weapons at +1CS.

Powers: (4/4)

1.) Artifact Creation ( matter creation, MCr1 ) at Monstrous Rank (63) (takes up two power slots):

Nanite’s main NEXT power as a mutated sentient nanobyte colony. She can create a desired object from virtually nothing. this is accomplished through the nanobyte colony which comprise her, starting at the sub atomic level. The artifact can be of any substance, except facsimiles of living matter (a limitation, see further in text ) and is limited to being composed of a single piece. Although the Power can create facsimiles of more complex construction, close examination reveals that all the smaller pieces are fused together. However, Nanite can create complex items by forming them one piece at a time. She can create in one turn a number of ounces equal to her Power rank number ( 63 oz.or 3.9375 lbs., or approximately 4 lbs. /turn ). Unlike the conventional version of the Power in which the hero loses health points temporarily for every ounce of matter created, Nanite’s version of the Power doesn’t make her lose health points when creating her constructs. Instead her constructs can never be made permanent; they eventually break down back to their separate original components. The durability of the artifact is determined at the time of creation. A green FEAT gives the artifact a lifespan of the number of turns equal to Nanite’s Reason rank number times 100 ( 2600 turns, or 260 minutes, or 4 hrs & 20 minutes ). A yellow FEAT raises it to 1,000 times the Reason rank number ( 26000 turns, or 2600 minutes, or approximately 43 hrs, 33 minutes, & 3 seconds ). And finally, A red FEAT raises it to 10,000 times the Reason rank number ( 260,000 turns, or 26000 minutes, or approximately 18 days, 1 hr, 33 minutes, & 3 seconds ).

Nanite must have detailed knowledge of the design of whatever she wants to create as she can only store a finite number of designs in her mind at any one time. The limit for this Power is equal to her Reason rank number ( 26 ). A record must be kept of which items she knows how to create. The list can be changed at any time. A green Reason FEAT gains her a new design. If no memory slots are available, the new design replaces an old one. Normally the Power is used to create facsimiles of objects that already exist. Nanite must make a detailed study of the object for at least 10 minutes for each attempted FEAT. Failure to make a FEAT means another 10 minutes of study is required. It is quite possible that some items may be beyond her comprehension to create. Nanite can also create new designs based solely on her own imagination. Since this requires really intense concentration, a red Reason FEAT is needed to store this design. The artifact has the same properties as a normally manufactured item of its type. In the case of altered or imaginary designs, the player and the Judge should agree on reasonable statistics for the item in question.

Nanite can materialize the artifact at any site within one area. The artifact is initially stationary; it can’t be launched as would a missile or a spray. She can take advantage of gravity, though, by materializing the artifact uphill or over a target.

This Power includes versions of Elemental and Molecular Creation. Each element and compound takes up a memory slot, just like the other items that are already memorized by Nanite. Such raw matter can be formed in any shape, though. This permits Nanite to change the composition of any of her already memorized designs.For example, Nanite already has memorized the design of a Balenciaga mini-Pompon bag, and if she memorizes the nature of silver, she can make either a regular Balenciaga mini-Pompon bag, or one made of silver. As mentioned above, Nanite can’t create facsimiles of living matter, unlike in the more common version of the Power. However, this has enhanced her version of the Power, pegging it at Monstrous rank.

As of this time, these are the items that Nanite can materialize through her use of this Power, along with the time needed for her to construct them:

1.) AIM Gatling Laser (used with either the Fenris Standard Battlesuit option III or the Torpedo Armor) (30 lbs. = approximately 7.5 turns [ 44 seconds ])

2.) Power Pack for AIM Gatling Laser ( 8lbs.= approximately 2 turns [ 12 seconds ])
*3.) Fenris Standard Battlesuit option II ( concussion rifle – 6lbs.= approximately 1.5 turns; Power backpack for concussion rifle – 8 lbs. = approximately 2 turns; main battle suit – 20 lbs. = approximately 5 turns; total time needed to create whole Fenris Standard Battlesuit option II = approximately 6.5 turns[ 51 seconds] )

*4.) Fenris Standard Battlesuit option III ( 23 lbs.= approximately 5.75 turns) ( with AIM Gatling Laser & power pack = 15.25 turns [91.5 seconds or 1 minute & 30.5 seconds]; with 2 MELTER RAY guns & their power packs = 10.75 turns [ 1 minute & 5 seconds ] )

*5.) the Torpedo armor ( approximately 2 lbs. = approximately 0.5 turn [ 3 seconds ]; with AIM Gatling Laser & Power Pack = approximately 10 turns [ 60 seconds or 1 minute ]; with 2 MELTER RAY guns & their power packs = approximately 4.5 turns [ 30 seconds ] )

*6.)the MELTER RAY (MELTER™) Mark II ( same dimensions as S.H.I.E.L.D. regulation issue plasma beam handgun )( 4.2 lbs. = approximately 1 turn [ 6.5 seconds ] )

*7.) power pack for melter ray ( belt pack = 4 lbs. = 1 turn [ 6 seconds ] )

8.) Metabo 602511000 ULA 9.6-Volt to 18-Volt Cordless Halogen Flashlight ( approximately 1 lb. = approximately 1 second )

9.) Dell Alienware M17xR3 Laptop ( approximately 10 lbs. = approximately 2.5 turns [ 15 seconds ]

10.) ASP Tactical Handcuffs with Chain Link ( approximately less than 9 ounces = approximately less than 0.5 seconds)
*11.) Ninja Caltrop Tashibishi 10 Pack SNJ6 ( approximately a fourth of a pound = approximately less than 0.5 seconds )

12.) Gibson LesPaul Robot Guitar ‘Dusk Tiger’ ( approximately 6 lbs. = approximately 1.5 turns [9 seconds ] )
*13.) Danelectro N10B Honey Tone Mini Amp in Burgundy ( approximately 1 lb. = approximately 6 seconds [ 1 turn ] )

*14.) Roberto Cavalli evening dress ( approximately less than a pound = approximately less than 0.25 seconds )

15.) Tom Ford party dress ( approximately less than a pound = approximately less than 0.25 seconds )

16.) one piece (dress) respectable clothing ( approximately less than a pound = approximately less than 0.25 seconds )
*17.) Cannon Deluxe backpack 200 EG ( approximately 6 lbs. = approximately 1.5 turns [ 9 seconds ] )

18.) Balenciaga mini-Pompon bag ( approximately 3 lbs. = approximately less than 1 turn [ approximately 4 seconds ] )

19.) Prada fall/winter 2011/2012 1TP082 design women’s shoes ( approximately less than a pound = approximately less than 0.5 seconds )

20.) Gucci ‘betty’ high heel platform sandal shoes ( approximately less than a pound = approximately less than 0.5 seconds )

21.) Steel Wire Rope220px steel wire rope 1000 meters, 30 kg. (66lb., 2.21 oz) in approximately 17 turns (85 sec; 1 minute & 25 sec) note: also applies to elemental creation; as she can create this steel wire rope, Nanite can create stainless steel versions of the other items she can create.

22.) *ablative armor coating 11 pounds of the stuff covers her completely; takes her 2.8 turns ( 19 seconds ) to create the stuff. For the properties of ablative armor coating, pls. see below. Note: this also applies to elemental creation, as nanite can create items she knows how to create that can be composed of entirely this substance. She typically now coats the ablative armor coating in any of the battle armors she is using at the moment.( add the 2.8 turns to the total estimated time to create the set of battle armor & weaponry she is currently creating ).

*23-26. still open slots
The Specs of some items that Nanite is capable of creating:


Constructed by: Various firms
Inventor: Various
Worn by: Various lackeys

Raises Strength by 3 ranks
(Maximum of REMARKABLE)
Raises Endurance by 4 ranks
(Maximum of INCREDIBLE)

strength becomes remarkable (35); health becomes 133

• Usually constructed of some highstrength
steel alloy.
• Provides Incredible protection against
physical attacks.
• Provides Remarkable protection against
energy attacks, including heat cold, and

• High-speed turbine-thrusters located in the
• Normal flight at 7 areas per round
• If used as weapons, inflict Good damage
against a target in the same area.

*• OPTION II: External hand held concussion

rifle with 6-area range, Incredible intensity
Slugfest attack.

Natsuki robe gun

Natsuki kruger 1

OPTION III: “Thunder Puncher” combat
enhancer, allowing the user to strike with
Monstrous strength in combat.

The above is a standard battlesuit used by subversive operatives, made available through less than-honest arms dealers. This set is based upon those used by Andrea and Andreas Strucker, children of the late leader of HYDRA, BARON STRUCKER™. These suits went up against the X-MEN™, but were really no more than a delaying tactic while the Struckers attacked MAGNETO™, PROFESSOR X™, and GABRIEL HALLER™.

Fenris strucker troops h1

    Range: 10 Areas
    Normal Damage: 20 points, S&T
    Rate of Fire: 1 burst/round
    Number of Shots: 20 bursts/pack
    Design Notes:
    • Requires two hands to fire.
    • Inflicts Excellent energy damage, S&T.
    • Bursts hit all in target area.
    • Uses no ammo, operates on power pack.
    • Typical strength material.
    • Uses: Para-military organizations.

3708976692 51f3787eb6 z

Hby gcf 00000510.0

Constructed by: Michael Stivak
Inventor: Michael Stivak
Previously Worn by: BROCK JONES™

• Built of a combination human and alien
technology of unstated material.
• Provides Remarkable protection from
physical attack.
• Provides Unearthly protection from all
forms of energy attack.

• Nuclear-powered jet turbos located at the
wrists and ankles.

• Fly up to 10 areas per round, 30 in open

• By using the Turbos in the wrists, the user
may increase the damage done.
• Up to Incredible damage may be inflicted
using these power punches.

• Originally used to protect the eyes from
wind while in high-speed flight.
• Have been modified to serve as an energy
• As such, may note the presence of alien
and exotic energies. In this fashion,
mutants and shape-shifting aliens may be
revealed in their true form.

The Torpedo armor was invented by Michael Stivak, nephew to US Senator Eugene Stivak. Senator Stivak had informed his nephew the purpose of the suit was for use by the defense department. In reality, Senator Stivak hoped to use the suit to his own ends, and the senator was in turn being used by a race of evil shape-changing aliens known as DIRE WRAITHS™. The younger Stivak discovered his uncle’s duplicity (though not the alien connection), and set out to destroy the original plans. In the process of his mission, Stivak ran afoul of Daredevil who thought the Torpedo a villain. In the course of the battle, a wall fell on Michael Stivak. He died of injuries suffered, but not before explaining his fate to Brock Jones and asking the former pro football player to take the suit and destroy the plans. This Jones did, fighting Senator Stivak’s
agents on numerous occasions. Discovering the alien connection, Jones fled with his family
to Clairton, West Virginia. In Clairton, Torpedo discovered more Dire Wraiths, and with the aid of a good alien cyborg, battled them as a protector of the small town. To aid him in protecting the town, Torpedo’s visors were modified to detect exotic radiation allowing him to see the Dire
Wraiths in all their disguises. A sorcerous breed of the alien menace bewitched Jones’ mind, preventing him from registering the obvious wraiths around him.The wraiths rose en masse and destroyed the town, including Brock Jones. His Torpedo armor is believed lost in the burning of his house.


Ablative Armor Coating
designed & built by Professor Lambda, Dr. Walter Bishop & Dr. Alexander Bell of Massive Dynamics
Used by Nanite
-offers unearthly protection v.s. EMP Waves, or any kind of energy emission, or any kind of substance that would affect & especially disrupt the functioning of mechanical, electrical, etc. device.

The Ablative armor coating has been for some time one of the out-of-the-blue unique inventions of Prof. Lambda, assisted in its fine tuning into a useable substance by Dr. Walter Bishop & Dr. Alexander Bell. During the emergency situation that happened alongside the qualification drive for Hero TV Philippines, Prof. Lambda had great cause to come out with it for the use of his NeXT understudy Nanite, as the latter proved ineffective to deal with the numerous metallic spheres that descended destructively around various cities in Ostia Manila, as the metallic spheres radiated subtle EMP waves that interfered with the structural integrity of the battle armor and weaponry she was using, and in fact even threatened the integrity of her very existence, as the EMP waves even threatened the Sentient Nanobyte colony that was the core of her being. The Ablative armor was given to her in “silicon chip wafer form” which nanite proceeded to consume while she was trying to keep her form together. As A result, she ws able to create and coat her body with the stuff that made her resist any further effects that the EMP wave may have, thus able to resume normal functioning thereafter, in time for the grand finale of HERO TV Philippines audition drive. Now she typically combines a top layer of this Ablative armor coating with any battle armor which she maybe creating and using at the moment. ( just add 2.8 turns to the total time needed to create the battle armor & weaponry set currently being created by Nanite).

Designed and built by BRUNO HORGAN™
with Tony Stark, Used by Bruno Horgan
• The melter ray uses microwave frequencies to loosen the molecular binding of a
specific type of material. Only one of the four settings may be used at any time.
• Range of 2 areas.
• Setting One: Metal—Affects material up to Monstrous material, causing them to
“melt”. Inflict damage as an Attack of Monstrous strength.
• Setting Two: Stone—Affects rock and stone of non-mystical origin or stone unaffected
by magic at the Unearthly level. Inflicts damage on non-magical stone beings with Unearthly strength.
• Setting Three: Wood—Attacks the cellulose in plant Life. Inflicts Amazing damage
on plants and Amazing damage to wooden objects and plant-based cloth.
• Setting Four: Flesh—Does not melt but rather burns animal tissue for Amazing
damage. Each round make an Endurance FEAT roll or become unconscious from the

The Melter ray was accidentally created by Bruno Horgan, a U.S. defense contractor
who used shoddy materials and eventually lost his business to Stark International. The
original Melter ray, based on a faulty radar dish, only affected metal, but Horgan kidnapped
Tony Stark and forced him to improve the set to its present power. As the Melter,
Horgan was defeated on numerous occasions by Iron Man. Horgan was finally slain by a mysterious assailant. The fate of the MaIler ray is currently unknown.

399074 2954686713096 1439306118 3214708 835855407 n

concussion Rifles 10r for 1 power pack
Gatling Laser 20r for 1 power pack
Melter Ray ( pistol ) (laser, stun, concussion) 5r for 1 power pack

2.) Communicate with Cybernetics (mental enhancement, M4) at Amazing ( 46 ) Rank:

Due to her being entirely composed of a sentient and intelligent nanobyte colony, Nanite can directly communicate with complex machines, whether these are computers or machines not normally considered to have artificial intelligence. Any machine that possesses any kind of programming can be communicated with – calculators, digital watches, microwave ovens, even music boxes. The higher the rank, the simpler the machine that can be spoken to. A green FEAT can enable communication with a machine possessing several microchips; a computer is the most common example. A yellow FEAT enables communication with devices possessing a single microchip, such as watches and talking dolls. A red FEAT can make communication possible with machines that lack microchips but are still somehow programmed, like player pianos and hand-cranked adding machines. The nature and quality of the information received reflects the nature of the machine that is spoken to. Communication occurs without Nanite needing to resort to programming languages and input devices such as punchcards and keyboards. After all, if she did need them this wouldn’t really be a super power. When using the Power, Nanite transfers part of her intelligence and Psyche via her nanobytes to the machine, thus allowing it to respond to her.

3.) Self-Sustenance ( Physical enhancement, P11 ) at Remarkable ( 26 ) rank:

Nanite has the permanent form of the power in which she can survive indefinitely without consuming air, water, or food. Bodily wastes are internally recycled back by the nanobyte colony that comprise her into useable materials. Normally she would not need to replenish himself when her power reached its limit. She merely resumes normal consumption habits (breathe normally, eat a light snack, etc.).


Ma. Francesca ‘Frannie’ Arrovo Krueger, the Hero TV: Philippine edition NEXT heroine known as Nanite, was originally one of a no.of experimental nanobyte colonies designed by CERN ( European Organization for Nuclear research ) and NASA, and used in experiments involving Dark Matter in the large Hadron Collider at Geneva, Switzerland. Apparently, thru yet unknown means, the nanobyte colony which became Nanite was “mutated” thru exposure from Dark Matter, becoming a single intelligent entity that eventually seeked to emulate the most numerous life form it percieved – humans.


Cern lhc alice inner tracker

0911188 01 full

Taking an unusually long route ( for security purposes ) from CERN in Geneva to Area 51 in the Nevada desert in the U.S. at the request of NASA, the C-130 cargo plane carrying the already sentient and intelligent nanobyte colony that was to become Nanite made a stop-over at the NAIA 3 airport in Metro Manila, Philippines. It was precisely this time that the intelligent sentient nanobyte colony took as an opportune moment to be free to assert itself and as a result, it escaped from the the cargo plane holding it. Going around aimlessly for awhile in the airport grounds, the microscopic intelligent nanobyte swarm got to percieve a TV show for the first time through one of the many TV monitors in the complex. An evening television show, Fashbook, was airing on the GMA News TV channel at that time. Upon percieving the show’s host – the actress/model Solenn Heusaff, the sentient intelligent nanobyte swarm became quite enamored by her, a feeling quite strange and felt by it for the first time. This somehow unexpectedly triggered further mutation in the nanobyte swarm, making it spontaneously take the form of a human female closely resembling the actress/model it became enamored with. And so there was suddenly a tall and very beautiful, and a very much naked woman standing in the middle of the lobby of the NAIA 3 airport.


New nanobots

Nanobots bloodstream web

Monica bellucci elle4

An uproar ensues as a crowd composed of a mix of angry and amused airport security and other personnel, a big group of suddenly horny guys, a no.of peeved women, and other flabbergasted patrons gave chase to the very much suprised and confused newly formed Frandie Krueger. Successfully evading & hiding from this mob chasing after her, Frandie demonstrates for the first time her artifact creation power by creating the one piece dress that hereafter she is able to continously create, copying it from one of the irate women chasing her, after quickly deducing that she must be wearing clothing, and not be naked, like all of the annoyed people intent on catching her. It is also at this time that she defines the details of the name by which she would be known hereafter, by picking them up randomly from people talking that she gets to overhear, while evading her pursuers.

Frandie Krueger exits NAIA 3 airport after successfully losing the mob chasing after her, and mixes into the general populace of Metro Manila. From this point on, she is able to survive and thrive by her intelligence, wits, and the NEXT powers she is gifted with. She manages to establish herself as an indie goth/J-rock singer-performer in the underground music scene, in which she is known as Francine the Goth singer.


N0emi 2

After a few years as a goth singer, Frandie Krueger is contacted by Professor Lambda, associate of Drs. William Bell & Walter Bishop of Massive Industries, inc.(responsible for most of the technological conveniences of the time) & resident of Seattle, U.S.A., who has moved to Ostia Manila to start a branch of the famous NEXT reality show Hero TV in the Philippines. Prof. Lambda confides to Frandie that he has known about her existence all this time ever since after her inception at the Hadron collider at the CERN. He has been secretly tracking her movement ever since she was brought into the country, her escape that resulted in the Naia- 3 fiasco, and her going underground in the local indie music scene, plus her other escapades at this time. He then readily offers her a slot in the Philippine edition of Hero Tv which he will head as NEXT coordinator & adviser. Having been previously interested in being a NEXT heroine due to all the comic books she has bought & read up to the current time, & of watching Hero Tv in it’s original American season & subsequent editions in other countries shown locally, Frandie accepts Prof. Lambda’s invitation to be featured in the upcoming Philippine edition of Hero Tv. She has surmised that by using her NEXT powers to help the human beings whom she was now very much alike and living with, she would be able to understand them more, and in the process more effectively experience what it is like to be human. Shortly after this, Prof. Lambda becomes greatly instrumental in helping Frandie acquire the know-how to replicate all the weaponry & armor she would use to fight crime on live Tv, especially the previously very obscure Torpedo armor & the mark II Melter Ray. And so with this, she now fights crime viewed live on Hero TV Philippines, adopting the guise of the NEXT heroine NANITE. :D


Having mutated from exposure to Dark Matter, if detected for, unusually high amounts of Dark Matter may be found emitted by Nanite. The dark matter emanations all come from the nanobyte colony comprising her, which gives said nanobytes the prodigious abilites which gives rise to Nanites Next powers. Thus evolving from an inorganic microscopic swarm of nanobytes, Frandie Krueger/Nanite’s current organic physical form is in every aspect exactly human – from all physical systems down to her DNA, which was one of the first things spawned by the nanobyte colony comprising her ( they are still there, being smaller, more minute than her DNA, and is still her primary constituent ). What she lacks is the experience that would make her think and feel like human. And it is precisely this that she seeks to acquire – to gain the total experience needed for her to be truly human. In effect she is seeking, or evolving a human soul. :D

M omanga two natsukis

:D for a sample of Francine the goth singer’s music, search “Ode to La Luna” in youtube.

Nannite model shot

Nannite monochrome

Nannite no coat

Nannite rehearsal

Nannite plainclothes

Nannite 3


Nannite alter


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