Marvel Superheroes Character Information Sheet

Hero’s Identity (Secret) Sephiroth Alferez
Age 10
Origin Mutant (rolled 36)
Primary Ability Secondary Abilities
Initial Roll Initial Rank Initial Rank # Current Rank Current Rank # Health Karma Resources Popularity
Fighting 29 Good 8 Good 8 91 77
Agility 97 Amazing 46 Amazing 46
Strength 3 Feeble 1 Excellent 21
Endurance 34 Good 8 Excellent 16
Reason 39 Good 8 Typical 5
Intuition 84 Incredible 36 Incredible 36
Psyche 84 Incredible 36 Incredible 36

Special Abilities
Powers (6/6)(rolled 93): (rolled a 71, Incredible, Laser specialization raises rank to Monstrous) Light Emission 63: The hero can emit powerful bursts of light do Power rank damage at rank range. The light may be of any nature:

• Normal light in any color or intensity; the hero can light the area, dispel Shadow Powers, and temporarily blind targets.

• Coherent Light (lasers) do rank level heat damage as they burn into targets. Lasers can also be used to carry information or to create holograms.

• Optic blasts do rank level damage but rather than burn a target, they act as Kinetic Bolts.
The player can raise the hero’s rank upon creation by +2CS if he chooses specialization in a specific form of this Power.

(rolled a 75, Incredible) Fire Generation 36: The hero with this Power may project flame with Power rank range and damage, using Agility to hit. Damage is taken on the Energy table. Like ice generation, creation of large amounts of flame may damage the surrounding area in a fashion that leads to loss of Karma. The hero may choose to inflict less damage with his flame, or have a lesser effect than rolled on the Universal table. The hero begins play with the ability to use flame as a missile weapon (fire balls or a jet of fire), plus one Power Stunt. Other stunts may be developed.

• Create a flaming shield. This wall of fire surrounds up to one area. Anyone passing through it takes Power rank damage from fire. This may be used defensively or to restrain criminals who are not wild about getting singed.

• Body transformation into fire at – 2CS. This body transformation grants Body Armor at the lower rank, as well as Flight at that rank.

• Create flaming images at Power rank -1CS. These images include duplicates of the flaming form, as well as firewriting in the sky.

• Control other forms of fire at – 2CS.
• Absorb fire and heat at Power rank level and range (example for absorbing cold).
• Project heat at Power rank -1CS. The heat projected causes discomfort and a -1CS on all FEATs in the area of effect.

(rolled 60, Remarkable) True Invulnerability* 26: This is a combination of Resistances and Body Armor. The hero is immune to any physical harm, up to his rank’s limit. The immunity includes the following resistances: fire, heat, cold, electricity, radiation, corrosives, disease, poison, brute force, sonics, and kinetic bolts. The rank of the Invulnerability reduces the rank of the attack form.

Example: A Mandroid’s Excellent laser would do only Feeble damage against Good Invulnerability, and none at all against Remarkable Invulnerability.

The hero with this Power is still vulnerable to magical and mental attacks. If the hero should lose his True Invulnerability, his Fighting rank drops to Typical (he’s not used to avoiding blows).

The hero’s appearance is not affected by this power; he appears to be a normal member of his race.

(rolled a 35, Good) Focus 8: The hero can channel all his raw energy into a single burst of a chosen Ability or Power. All his Power and Ability rank numbers are totaled together. This rank number replaces the rank number for a chosen Power. Upon the completion of releasing the Power, all the hero’s Abilities and Powers temporarily drop to Feeble. This Power’s rank number is the total amount of lost points the hero can regain each turn. Points are divided evenly between all the depleted Abilities and Powers. (Okay, this isn’t really a Power either. Roll again for an additional Power.)

(rolled a 19, Typical, but the minimum is Amazing) Resistance to Mental Attacks 46: The hero has increased resistance to attacks aimed at the mind and neural system. Such attacks include psionics, neural manipulation, and any other attacks aimed at the Psyche. It does not include emotion-based attacks (see D11) or magical attacks (see D13). The Power’s rank must be at least one rank higher than the hero’s Psyche; if a lower rank is rolled initially, the player should raise it to that rank +1CS.

“(rolled a 43, Excellent) Illusory Duplication 16: This is a specialized form of Illusion-Casting that permits the hero to generate completely realistic simulations of a single object, namely himself. Unlike the other Illusory Powers, this permits the hero to see through these nonexistent senses and to communicate through apparently
normal speech.”

The hero can create a finite number of exact holographic duplicates of himself. These are Illusions based on his selfimage, which the hero had best make sure matches his actual appearance at that moment. The accuracy of the Duplicate is determined by a Reason FEAT made at the time the Duplicate is generated. A green Reason FEAT means the Illusory Duplicates are somehow different from the hero; they have the wrong outfit on, are too muscular or handsome, and so on. A yellow or red Reason FEAT produces a perfect copy. The maximum number of simultaneous Duplicates the hero can create is equal to his Power rank number. Although Duplicates are frequently used to surround the hero and act as decoys, the Duplicates can also function several areas or miles away from the hero. The maximum range at which the hero can either send or create a Duplicate is determined by his Power rank; specific levels are shown on column B.

Example: Myriad has an Incredible rank. This enables him to create up to 40 simultaneously existing Duplicates that can form or travel as far as two miles away from his location.

The Duplicates are intangible holographs and are incapable of doing any actual physical activity. They are primarily used as decoys, messengers, spies, and simulated ghosts. The Duplicates can form in any location within the hero’s range, regardless of whether the hero can see that location or not. As an aspect of this Power, the hero automatically possesses a combination of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, and Speechthrowing that permits him to see, hear, and speak through his remote Duplicates.

For example, Myriad is at the scene of a cave-in. The rescue crew need to know where any survivors are located. Myriad creates several Duplicates and sends them off into the debris. Since these are energy, the Duplicates can pass effortlessly through the rock. Myriad sees what the Duplicates “see.” There is no light in the collapsed area but Myriad’s Duplicates each carry an illusion of a flashlight that functions as well, if not better, than a real one. Finally two of the Duplicates find survivors., The first group of survivors are only lost; the Duplicate leads them through the darkness to safety. The second group is trapped behind fallen rock. They are startled when the Duplicate passes through the rock into their area but Myriad speaks through his Duplicate and appraises them of the situation. The Duplicate remains with them until the rescuers finally reach them.

When creating the hero, the player has the option of assigning some or all of the hero’s other Powers to the Duplicates. The hero can only create a single such Powerful Duplicate at any one time. Since this Duplicate now has a greater effect on reality, it gains some reality as well. Such Duplicates can be affected and even destroyed by such attacks as Light Emission, Light Generation, Plasma Generation, Plasma Control, Shadowcasting, and any of the Magics and Power Controls. The Duplicate has a “Health” equal to this Power’s rank number. Any damage to the Duplicate is subtracted from this number. At zero the Duplicate suddenly vanishes. In addition, any damage done to the Duplicate is also suffered by the hero, who temporarily loses a number of points equal to his Power rank number. Such points are regained just like Health points.

All Duplicates can be affected by the Powers of Light Control and Shadowcasting. Light Control can overpower, distort, and even destroy any Duplicate. It can be use to seize control of a Duplicate away from the hero; the effect is analogous to someone using Mind Control/ Puppetry on the hero’s own body. Shadowcasting can surround the Duplicate in darkness and prevent the hero’s Clairvoyance from operating. If the Shadowcasting has a greater rank, that Power can be used to destroy a Duplicate. Note: when a Duplicate is passing through solids, its “eyes” register total darkness. If the hero is unaware that Shadowcasting is being used against his Duplicates, then he will assume the continued darkness is the result of the Duplicate remaining within a solid mass and consequently will make no attempt to resist this clandestine attack.

As stated earlier, all Duplicates are an illusionary manifestation of the hero’s self-image. They need not be a single, static design but can change with the hero’s whim. Generally, all Duplicates at a given moment will have the same shape. However, by means of a red Reason FEAT, the hero can create simultaneous Duplicates who have different appearances. All such differences are still based on the hero’s own form. A red FEAT is needed for each different type of Duplicate.

Example: Myriad maintains a secret identity as a physicist at a nuclear plant in Georgia. One day the plant is attacked by supervillains. Myriad must take action but his civilian identity must remain at his emergency post. Myriad forms a number of Duplicates. Most resemble his super heroic self but Myriad alters one to appear as his civilian self. The extra form requires additional concentration on Myriad’s part and a red FEAT. The player blows it on the first roll (a 23), second roll (03), third roll (24), but finally makes it on the fourth roll (00). Myriad castigates himself on the additional 24 seconds it took him to generate the lab coat and glasses.

While Duplicates are normally created as independent beings, the Power can also be cast around the hero’s own body to immediately alter the hero’s own appearance. This is usually used to make quick disguises and costume changes. If the hero so chooses, his entire super hero appearance and costume can be nothing more than such a Illusion wrapped around the hero’s normal civilian self. This would definitely prevent anyone from finding your costume stashed in the back of the closet. In the previous example, Myriad had not thought to bring his costume to work and had to form one of his Duplicates around himself. The drawback is that if the hero loses concentration, consciousness, or Power, he also loses his costume. (The time Myriad was skinnydipping when a crisis struck resulted in major embarrassment for him and some unfortunate media exposure.)

Nemesis Powers include Light Control and Shadowcasting.

[ Dropped last power slot (rolled a 10) for True Invulnerability ]


Talents (1/6)(rolled a 05): Mesmerism and Hypnosis: This Talent is a primitive form of Mind Control at the Power rank number equal to the Reason of the character with this Talent. Information can be gained as per a Mental Probe, and posthypnotic suggestions may be implanted within the victim’s mind. Any attempt to force an individual to do something that he would not normally do, or divulge information that he would not normally reveal, will cause the hypnotism to break. A hypnotic command fades in 1-10 hours after it is given.

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