“You see these? These are the Hands of the Heavens working through me! I’m a damn Angel!”
“You know, there are two things I love doing with these powers of mine. Saving lives is a far second believe me.”
John Theriault was under a clandestine military outfit where he was taught the discipline of hand-to-hand combat at a very young age. Being built to be part of the next generation shock-troopers, he was trained on how to use his powers to break down enemy strongholds. As years went by he became tired of being kept like a caged animal and decided to fake his own death in an operation gone wrong. Escaping to the civilized world, he decided to change his image by growing his hair long and learning to play the bass guitar. With his appreciation for heavy metal music, he decided to later form his own band, FUSE. They still play sets at Club Dredd regularly. After a couple of months though, the NEXT in him still misses the action of a physical combat. He decided to enroll in an MMA school where he met Timothy Ty Tan(later to be known as Atlas). The two soon found out about the other’s extraordinary powers. Later, Tim mentioned about a show that will allow them to use their powers for the greater good and at the same time, get paid for it. John found it ridiculous at first since the environment that he came from was very different but further convincing from Tim finally made John join the show. On the agreement that only a few people should know his true identity though.


F – Incredible
A – Good
S – Incredible
E – Incredible
R – Remarkable
I – Good
P – Good

Health 130
Karma 50

Berzerk – Good
True Invulnerability – Incredible
Flight – Remarkable

Martial Arts

True Invulnerability: This is a
combination of Resistances and Body
Armor. The hero is immune to any physi
cal harm, up to his rank’s limit. The
immunity includes the following
resistances: fire, heat, cold, electricity,
radiation, corrosives, disease, poison,
brute force, sonics, and kinetic bolts. The
rank of the Invulnerability reduces the
rank of the attack form.
Example: A Mandroid’s Excellent laser
would do only Feeble damage against
Good Invulnerability, and none at all
against Remarkable Invulnerability.
The hero with this Power is still
vulnerable to magical and mental
attacks. If the hero should lose his True
Invulnerability, his Fighting rank drops to
Typical (he’s not used to avoiding blows).
The hero’s appearance is not affected
by this power; he appears to be a normal
member of his race.

Berserker: The hero can enter into a
battle rage that alters the hero in some
significant ways. Reason and Psyche
plummet to Feeble rank while the ranks
for Strength and Fighting increase by the
same number of ranks. (That is, the total
number of points lost are split evenly
between the Fighting and Strength
ranks.) The hero also develops Iron Will
for the duration of the Berserker rage;
the rank for this is the same as the
Berserker Power’s rank. The Berserker
lasts for the length of combat and 10
turns. When the rage ends, all the
altered Abilities return to their original
ranks. Since the Iron Will also
disappears, the hero finally feels the
effects of any damage he suffered while
in the Berserker rage.
Example: Orlando the Furious has
Feeble Strength, Good Fighting,
Remarkable Reason, Incredible Psyche
and Excellent Berserker Power. When he
enters the Berserker rage, the following
occurs. Psyche and Reason drop to
Feeble, a total of 66 points. This is
between Orlando’s Strength and Fighting
ranks. Strength increases to
Remarkable, Fighting to Incredible.
Finally, he develops Excellent Iron Will.
The carnage that ensues is short and
messy. Orlando emerges victorious but
remains rather dangerous to be around
for another 10 turns (5 minutes).
The Optional Power is Natural
Weaponry. Thus, you can build your own
Wolverine (or other violent, crotchety
animal from the northwoods).
The Nemesis Power for this is Mental

Martial Arts B: This form of martial arts is
keyed on offense and inflicting damage in
short, quick bursts, and includes such
disciplines as boxing. The practitioner of this
form of martial arts gains a +1CS to Fighting
ability when engaged in unarmed combat.

Wrestling: The hero with this Talent is
proficient in applying holds. It includes
familiar types of wrestling as well as the
sumo forms of the art. The hero with this
Talent gains a + 2CS when making
Grappling attacks, but gains no benefit in
damage. (A hero with Martial Arts B and this
Talent gains a +3CS to hit in a Grappling
attack, and a + 1CS for damage.)

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