Silver Sapphire

Hero’s Identity Silvia Alferez
Age 19
Origin High Technology (rolled a 64)
Primary Ability Secondary Abilities
Initial Roll Initial Rank Initial Rank # Current Rank Current Rank # Health Karma Resources Popularity
Fighting 59 Good 8 Incredible 36 121 52 See below 5
Agility 42 Good 8 Incredible 36
Strength 9 Poor 3 Excellent 23
Endurance 60 Good 8 Remarkable 26
Reason 91 Incredible 36 Incredible 36
Intuition 63 Good 8 Good 8
Psyche 72 Good 8 Good 8
Special Abilities Powers (4/4), rolled a 79, gained 1 additional power by lowering 2 resources by 1
(rolled 00, Monstrous, but I lose the side effect, turning into Unearthly) Phasing (88): The hero can render his body intangible to normal matter. This enables him to pass harmlessly through any object. The hero’s power rank must exceed the barrier’s material strength in order for Phasing to occur. The hero can Phase through Force Fields, Body Armors, Resistances, and Invulnerabilities of lower ranks by making a green FEAT. Because the hero is out of phase with normal matter, he cannot breathe. Thus, the practical duration limit on this power is the length of time the hero can hold his breath. If the hero has some way around this problem, the duration is unlimited. Note that if the power is somehow “turned on” permanently, as happened to Kitty Pryde, the power gains the ability to transform air into phased particles that the hero can breathe. In the Marvel Universe, Phasing has a damaging effect on delicate electronic devices. By Phasing through such devices, the hero can disrupt normal activity and scramble any on-line programming. If, during the character creation process, the player decides to forego this side effect, he can raise his hero’s power rank +1CS. For modesty’s sake, it is assumed that the power also transforms the hero’s clothing and carried possessions into phased matter. The power’s side effect automatically scrambles any electronics the hero is carrying (Kitty Pryde wears a wind-up watch, never a digital one). If the player wants to risk his hero’s modesty for the sake of a more realistic game, the player can assume either that the power only transforms whatever the hero was wearing when he first got this power (severely limiting the hero’s wardrobe) or that there is a base 70% chance that the power automatically transforms whatever the hero is wearing at the time. In either case, this must be determined when the hero is first created.
(rolled 22, Good) Weapons Tinkering (8): The hero can devise and assemble any weapon that can be made with the available materials. By means of a red FEAT, the hero can even improvise a means of creating unavailable materials (adamantium, for example). Provided he has the resources, the hero can assemble a functional copy of any weapon. As to what weapons he can make, use the Resource costs listed in the Hardware section of the Player’s Book (pages 42-46). Compare the Power’s rank with the cost of the desired weapon. Equal or lower cost weapons can be created on a green FEAT. A cost of one to three levels higher requires a yellow FEAT. A cost of four to six levels higher requires a red FEAT. If the cost of the desired weapon is more than six levels higher than the hero’s Power rank, it is an impossible FEAT.
Example: Dr. Fixit has Excellent Weapons Tinkering and access to his brother-in-law’s junkyard. He wants to build a battle-copter with adamantium armor. The copter has an Amazing cost. True adamantium has a Shift X cost; secondary adamantium has an Unearthly cost. Dr. Fixit makes the yellow FEAT; his copter will work. He doesn’t have any adamantium, though, and tries to improvise. He fails to make a red FEAT; neither batch of “home-brewed” adamantium worked. Oh well, he can always convert that old boiler he found into armor plate.
When creating the hero, the player can choose to make the character a jack-ofall-trades or specialist in a particular field. If he chooses to specialize, he can raise the rank +2CS. Categories of weapons include:
* Edged and Blunt weapons
* Projectile weapons
* Energy weapons
* Heavy weapons
* Battle weapons
* Alien weapons
* Battlesuits
* War robots
Needless to say, the player will have to develop stats for anything he comes up with. If he successfully copies existing technology, like the Iron Man battlesuit or a SHIELD Plasma Beam Handgun, he can simply use the established stats for that device. Weapons Locker (MHAC8) by Epperson and Grubb is a valuable aid to the player of a hero with this Power. A clever character can also use this Power to make money off of other characters by building weapons on commission. After all, somebody’s got to be building all those super-weapons that fill the pages of comic books…
(rolled 06, Poor) Hyper-Invention (3): This is a special form of Hyper-intelligence that is common enough to merit its own classification. It is a permanent enhancement of the hero’s overall intelligence that is channeled into the field of mechanical design and engineering. The hero is an Edison-like genius who take existing materials and technologies and use them to create new devices or applied technologies. He can repair previously operational devices, even if the device was of an unknown type.
The hero can learn new technologies at a rate determined by his rank, the complexity of the technology, and the amount of instruction available. Modern technology requires an Excellent Intensity FEAT. Advanced technology requires a Remarkable Intensity FEAT. Alien or futuristic technology vary from Incredible Intensity (Shi’ar) to Unearthly (the Watcher). The color of the FEAT is determined by the amount of instruction the hero receives. A green FEAT requires instructional materials that explain the technology (a teacher, books, holocubes). A yellow FEAT is required if the hero has access to materials not specially designed to instruct someone in that technology (readouts, performance specs, operating manuals, a copy of a working device). A red FEAT is required if all the hero is has an inoperational device if that technology.
Like Hyper-intelligence, the Hyper-Inventor can raise his rank +1CS by specializing in a particular field. Examples include vehicles, weapons, biomedical technology, and architectural engineering.
The hero has the ability to manufacture or modify items using any technology he knows. He still requires adequate physical resources to create the items, though the cost of anything he builds himself is decreased -2CS compared to the list price for off-the-shelf versions. A Power FEAT based on the desired item’s tech level determines the durability of the item. A green or yellow FEAT means the item has the same durability as a normally manufactured item. A red FEAT means the item will function but has performance problems; the Judge can decide how long or well the itemfunctions before it fails.
Note: This is one of those Powers that can be used for personal profit. The hero can design and build exotic paraphernalia for other characters and NPCs on commission. This can raise the hero’s Resource level by whatever fees he can get away with.
(rolled a 14, Typical) Focus (5): The hero can channel all his raw energy into a single burst of a chosen Ability or Power. All his Power and Ability rank numbers are totaled together. This rank number replaces the rank number for a chosen Power. Upon the completion of releasing the Power, all the hero’s Abilities and Powers temporarily drop to Feeble. This Power’s rank number is the total amount of lost points the hero can regain each turn. Points are divided evenly between all the depleted Abilities and Powers. (Okay, this isn’t really a Power either. Roll again for an additional Power.)
(rolled a 54, Excellent, but I restrict myself to one emotion (Loyalty), and with the Psychiatry talent raise it to Amazing) *
Special Abilities Talents (3/5), rolled a 32, gained 1 additional talents by lowering one resource by 1
Resist Domination This is a Psi-Screen that may be developed by the individuals without that Power. This permits the character to resist mental attacks as if the character had a mental power of Psyche +1CS. The Talent is passive in nature, and does not grant any other particular benefit.
A character with Mental Probe may be able to discern where the character gained this Talent, but nothing else.
Electronics A +1CS on matters involving electronic devices, including their creation and repair.


  • Amkor Technology Philippines (Good → Typical, to help gain 1 power (see below))
  • First Gen Philippines Corporation (FGP) (Good → Typical, gained 1 power, rolled 54, Excellent (16) Rank)
  • San Miguel Pure Foods Inc. (Good → Typical, gained 1 talent)
  • Globe Telecommunications
  • Nestle Philippines Inc.
  • Nokia (Philippines), Inc.

Special Notes
I’m assuming that since all my powers are based on my equipment, Focus is a separate device (power enhancer) to the two powers that are neurally connected to me (Hyper-Invention, Weapons Tinkering) as well as from my power suit as well (which grants me Phasing). That’s a total of three inter-linked, independent modules for my powers :)


Pyricus and Silver Sapphire in real life are siblings who often quarreled with each other. As Silvia’s independent research project on nanobot technology bore fruit (garnering interest from various circles), Pyricus’ NEXT powers began to manifest. Silvia, to help her sibling stay normal, attempted to utilize her nanobot tech with her brother’s DNA. The result was unexpected: somehow the nanobots not only began to deconstruct her brother’s DNA, but just about everything else! As the nanobots finished deconstructing her, she found herself… still alive?

It turns out that the nanobots were somehow linked to her mind as a result of her experiments with her brother’s DNA, and in spite of being physically deconstructed, her mind and spirit were still intact. She eventually was able to will herself back into a semblance of normality — semblance, because apparently going through walls isn’t normal. For a year she tried to figure out how to get back to normal herself, and it turns out that a combination of willpower and programming could eventually get them out of her body and stored in a container.

Silvia entered HeroTV even though she didn’t have NEXT powers like her brother because she wanted additional funding for her research… and because she was already deep in debt due to her “failed” research; she couldn’t give anyone too much details of her main nanobot research, much less the offshoot research with her brother’s blood. Besides, she’s already figured out enough of the entire nanobot system to grant her own body NEXT-level capabilities.

While Silvia doesn’t have the typical mecha armor suit, she instead utilizes the nanobots stored in a pair of white gloves, activating them via voice or typed commands. The nanobots, within milliseconds of activation, grants her at-will and almost immediate deconstruction of her body. Her “powers” are gained primarily by her neural and psychic(?) connection with her nanobots which, upon her mental or verbal command, would immediately run pre-programmed systems that would result in her powers.

Silver Sapphire

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