Young exec & RPG & Anime buff acquires psionic powers that crosses barriers between dimensions to summon five NEXT heroines in another super hero universe to the world of HERO TV: Philippines, & command them to fight evil on live TV :D


Hero’s Name: Summoner
Origin: Altered Human

Hero’s Identity: Francis Gerald Kline P. Talladen, nee. Kline ( public )

Base of Operations: Suite 1207, west of ayala condominiums, Gil Puyat Ave. Makati City, Metro Mla., Phil.

Age: 30 yrs.

Group affiliation:



Primary Abilities:

F: Excellent (23)

A: Typical (5)

S: Poor (3)

E: Good (8)

R: Excellent (16)

I: Excellent (16)

P: Typical (5)

Secondary Abilities:

Health: 39

Karma: 37

Popularity: 10

Sponsor Companies:

Leyende, inc.
Ashen Eclipse Digital works, inc.
E-Performax contact centers corp.
Global City Innovative College
Allez Hop Wellness Studio
Nosfecatu Publishing

Talents: 4/4
First aid

Powers: 3/4

A.) L20/Summoning at Unearthly Rank (88)

Kline’s main NEXT power as summoner, through which he can summon and control extra-dimensional, corporeal beings. Such beings are commonly called “demons” but may be of any nature or disposition. The Power enables him to summon any known extra-dimensional being, provided his Power rank is higher than the being’s Psyche rank, on a green FEAT. Equal ranks require a yellow FEAT. Trust me, you don’t want to summon beings more powerful than you (they might answer), but if you do it anyway, you need a red FEAT. The summoned being is instantly teleported from its home dimension to a spot chosen by Kline. Once summoned, the being must perform a single task ordered by him. The being must immediately set about fulfilling that order. If successful,she can immediately depart for her home dimension.

Players should refer to MHAC9, Realms of Magic, by Kim Eastland for a detailed list of beings this Power can summon. Nominallv, heroes will only summon magical creatures like demonsand elementals. If a hero feels particularly confident, though, he might be able to call magical characters like Clea and D’Spayre. Heroes can never summon entities, although one might pretend to answer a summoning on a lark. This Power summons one being at a time. Each additional being decreases the Power’s rank by -1CS. Remember that most magical beings are intelligent and that many are hostile to humans. The being a hero summons today might hold a grudge against him for eons to come.

Kline’s summoning power is different than the default version in that he can only summon five specific beings, each inhabiting their own particular planes ( all of which Kline can actually visit through the use of his dimension travel power, which seems to be a side effect to the acquisition of this power). Also he can only call upon any of the five one time only per 24 hr period. Although limiting to his NEXT power in this way, this has caused the power rank for this NEXT power to be at the unearthly level, which Kline also needs, to be able to summon the NEXT heroines he can summon, as almost all have very high psyche rankings. All else is as above:

Moondragon by shadowsaturn

1.) MOONDRAGON: (Heather Douglas) alien hero F Rm (30) A Rm (30) S Gd (10) E Rm (30) R Gd (10) I Ex (20) P Am (50) Health: 100 Karma: 60 Resources: Fb Popularity: 0


Telepathy: Moondragon has Unearthly rank telepathic powers, and can easily maintain contact with several minds at once. Her psi-screens are of Amazing rank.

Mind Control: Moondragon has Unearthly powers of mind control. Once control is established, she can easily maintain it over several victims simultaneously.

Psionic Attack: This power is of Incredible Intensity but its range is limited to 2 areas.

Telekinesis: She uses this power at Remarkable rank. Moondragon cannot fly using this power, but has developed telekinetic force bolts as an established power stunt (Excellent Intensity, range 6 areas).

Recovery: Moondragon’s mental training has given her Recovery Powers of Amazing rank.

TALENTS: Moondragon has demonstrated skill in Genetics and Biochemistry. She also uses Martial Arts B and D.

CONTACTS: Moondragon was a member of the Avengers and the Defenders, but antagonized both groups. She also has contacts with Titan.

BACKGROUND: Moondragon’s greatest services were in the Avengers battles against Thanos, but her own arrogance made it impossible for her to remain with the Avengers. She later used her mental powers to force peace on a war-torn world, which she ruled as a sell-proclaimed “goddess.” The planet was liberated by the Avengers, and Odin placed restraints on her power until she proved her worthiness to the Defenders, a group that included one of Odin’s Valkyries. Moondragon later turned against the Defenders and apparently died fighting some of them. ( In this campaign, Moondragon, along with the defenders didn’t actually die, but was transported, along with the demonic Dragon of the Moon itself, to the borders of the Land of the Dead. Being finally free of its vile influence, She, alongside the defenders present – Valkyrie (Brunnhilde), Manslaughter, Interloper, Andromeda Attumasen, & Gargoyle (Isaac Christians) earnestly began to battle the Dragon Of the Moon along with all the spirits it has managed to corrupt. It seems that this may take an eternity for they are all still at battle as of this time. It is during this scenario that Kline has established contact and gained the ability to call upon Moondragon to his earth to task her in promoting good & battling evil, which Moondragon actually tolerates and begrudgingly promotes, as a way to make up for her arrogant and antagonizing ways in the past, which hasn’t brought to her any friends, and may have even eventually lead to her possession by the Dragon of the Moon. Kline, for his part, visits the borders of the Land of the Dead at times, helping out Moondragon and company in their seemingly eternal battle with the dragon of the moon, summoning Phoenix, Magik, Mantis & Thundra to this realm. Moondragon appreciates this but is not able to be anymore closer to Kline due to her still being haughty & arrogant in her demeanor. : D ).


2.)PHOENIX (Current, Rachel Summers) Mutant hero F 10 Gd A 10 Gd S 10 Gd E 40 In R 10 Gd I 30 Rm P 75 Mn Health = 70 Karma = 115 Resources = Pr(4) Popularity = 12


Telekinesis: Rachel has the Monstrous rank ability to move objects with her mind, much like her mother, Jean Grey. Rachel can lift objects weighing up to 400 pounds without having to make a Psyche FEAT roll, with her maximum lifting capacity being around 800 pounds. Her telekinesis is so subtle that she can arrange the molecules of her specially constructed unstable molecule costume to any type of apparel she desires.

Telekinetic Shield: Rachel can use her telekinesis to provide a shield of Amazing protection against physical attacks. This shield can be expanded to cover the entire area she occupies.

Force Bolts: Rachel can project bolts of telekinetic force from her mind. These strike through body armor and force fields (unless the armor or field specifically lists their protection from mental attack). She attacks with Amazing ability, and her opponents must make Endurance FEAT rolls vs. Amazing intensity or fall unconscious for 1-10 rounds. Making the FEAT roll means no damage is taken. Her range is three areas.

Mental Screen: Rachel can protect herself from mental attacks with Amazing ability.

Telepathy: Rachel can detect thoughts and feelings in others at the Amazing level. She suffers no Karma loss for prying into other people’s minds, since this is a standard tactic in her own timeline.

Mutant Detection: Rachel is extremely sensitive to the mental wavelengths of fellow mutants. She can detect another mutant up to a mile away with Amazing proficiency.

The Phoenix Force: Recently, Rachel has been able to tap into the same Phoenix force that the original Phoenix used. Because of her mental disciplines Rachel seems to have better control over the force. Her upper limit in using the force is Monstrous rank. (For the exact nature of the Phoenix Force see the original Phoenix character description.)

The Phoenix Force: The alien who took over Jean Grey’s identity for a while could tap into a manifestation of the primal psychic force of the Earth dimension called the Phoenix Force. It has been hypothesized that the “alien” could have been an actual manifestation of the force itself, for when it exercised its power in full (over the Amazing power level), a huge phoenix-shaped aura surrounded it. Whatever the origin of the alien, the Phoenix character had her abilities increased without an upper limit, for all intents and purposes, when she wished it. Manifestations of this force included rearranging matter and energy at will, creating space warps, flying (Air Speed: Incredible in Earth’s atmosphere, Monstrous in space), and draining energy from any number of different sources to replenish her Health. The only limitation to her power was her own imagination and moral restrictions. Fortunately, the mental and emotional patterns of Jean Grey were very moral and the entity never had a chance to irretrievably lose control. The alien reacted to Jean’s emotions as opposed to her intellect.

TALENTS: Rachel has the acrobatic talent, and knows martial arts types C and E.

CONTACTS: Because of Rachel’s background, her behavior is often times erratic and many of the X-Men find her increasingly undependable. She actually has no contacts in this timeline.

RUNNING THE CURRENT PHOENIX: Rachel comes from a nightmarish future where mutants have been murdered or placed in concentration camps and sentinels rule North America. Though she knew most of the X-Men and other powerful mutants in that timeline, and was the daughter of Scott and Jean Summers (Cyclops and Marvel Girl), they are not necessarily acquainted with her in this one. Because she was used by the authorities as a “hound” to track down other mutants and subversives, she is wracked with guilt and often refuses to scan for another mutant. Since many of the events that led to her own future timeline have not occurred in this one (such as Rachel not being born to Scott and Jean Summers), she often feels disoriented and alone.This, and the fact that she was seriously injured by Wolverine when she tried to extract vengeance on Selene, caused Rachel to flee the X-Men. Confused and hurt, she entered the Body Shoppe and joined Spiral, who induced amnesia in her. ( In the campaign, this version of Rachel Summers remains in her alternate earth, having turned against the sentinels that have used her against most of her mutant compatriots in the X-men. Alongside an elderly Wolverine, she successfully leads a rebel army composed of both mutants and normal humans seeking the eventual removal of all traces of the sentinels in north america, and all other areas of this alternate earth. It is amidst this scenario that Kline is able to summon her into the earth of Hero TV: Philippines. She allows and even encourages this as a way to balance the past when she was used by the sentinels to track down and eliminate her fellow mutants, and to ensure that her chaotic present doesn’t become the future of Kline’s earth, as long as it doesn’t unduly interfere with her running her rebel army and working out the liberation of the North America and the other countries of her world from the sentinels’ influence. And Kline is able to visit her in her alternate earth through the use of his dimensional travel power, and does so often for the purpose of keeping harmonious relations between them for his successful summoning of her, helping her & her army against the sentinels by summoning the other four NEXT heroines to this alternate earth to join the fight against the sentinels. Rachel appreciates this and is actually kind of getting personally attracted to Kline, but her intensity in leading her army & her focus on the elimination of the sentinels’ influence in her earth, prevents her from becoming any more closer to Kline than just being acquaintances. :D ).

413353 magik cov 100 super

Illyana Nikolovna Rasputin
Mutant hero
F 20 Ex Health = 80
A 10 Gd
S 10 Gd Karma = 80
E 40 In
R 10 Gd Resources = Gd (10)
I 20 Ex
P 50 Am Popularity = 4


Teleport Discs: Magik’s mutant power is the ability to teleport herself and others through time and space by the use of summoned stepping discs. After a successful Psyche FEAT roll, the disc teleports her first to her dimension of Limbo, then to the desired destination. A failed roll indicates a misjump, either in distance (up to one-quarter mile away) or in time. If the FEAT fails, the final destination could be 1-10 days, weeks. months, or years in the past or future. Magik can also summon extradimensional lifeforms (often erroneously referred to as demons) from Limbo through using her discs (see her magical powers and S’ym below). She can also have her discs appear below other characters to teleport them to Limbo. The target may attempt to Dodge if it is warned. She must make a Psyche FEAT roll for this last disc use also.Special Tricks: Illyana often teleports an opponent with her to Limbo, then leaves him there in S’ym’s care until she returns, taking the character out of combat and keeping him secure.

Soulsword: Magik can automatically summon a Soulsword. It is a physical manifestation of her magical powers. It can cause Monstrous damage to any magical creature it strikes, attacking on the Edged Attack column. The sword causes no harm if it passes through any non-magical creatures, machinery, humans, or robots. If the sword is swung through a character or item that is possessed or otherwise magically controlled or transformed, Magik is allowed a Psyche FEAT roll with a +2 CS bonus to break the spell and return the being or item to its original state. Magik can store her sword in nothingness and summon it whenever she desires.

Psi Screen: Magik possesses a psychic shield that is always up and acts as Monstrous protection from psionic attacks, attempts at controlling her, or intrusions. Whether this is a mutant power of hers or a result of extensive magical studies is unknown.

Body Armor: If Magik uses her Soulsword or magic in combat, magical body armor begins to appear on her. The body armor, resembling shiny plate armor, begins with Excellent strength and improves by one rank each time she uses her sword or magic in battle to a maximum of Monstrous. Her armor remains for up to five rounds without her having to use magic specifically for the purpose of keeping it.

Magic: Illyana is the Sorceress Supreme of a small pocket-dimension she calls Limbo (there are a number of other dimensions called limbo), which is probably tenuously connected to True Limbo. If the Judge is using a general magic system for the campaign, it is sufficient to know that Illyana wields Unearthly power on her own plane. Her magical ability in the Earth dimension is limited to detecting magical auras, entering the astral plane, and calling up her Soulsword (the first two feats are of Monstrous ability). If the detailed magic system found in the MARVEL SUPER HEROES® Realms of Magic game accessory is used, then use her statistics and powers as listed in the Realms of Magic Codex of Characters & Creatures.

TALENTS: Illyana speaks English and Russian fluently.

CONTACTS: Illyana’s best friend is Kitty Pryde. Kitty is the only normal human who can wield the Soulsword…or be hurt by it. In the past, when Illyana has lost or given up her magical powers, both the Soulsword and BodyArmor have been transferred to Kitty. Magik can call forth many demons from her realm. Chief among them is S’ym, whose statistics are:

F 40 In Health = 245
A 30 Rm
S 75 Mn Karma = 80
E 100 Un
R 10 Gd Resources = None needed
I 40 In
P 30 Rm Popularity = -20

Claws: S’ym’s claws cause Remarkable Edged Weapon damage.
Bite: S’ym’s bite causes Excellent Edged Weapon damage.
Body Armor. S’ym has Amazing body armor against physical and energy attacks, Good body armor against magical attacks.
Teleport: S’ym can teleport with Unearthlyability, even extradimensionally (a magical power).
BACKGROUND: S’ym served the villain Belasco and was Magik’s nemesis when she was a child caught in Limbo. After Belasco was overthrown, he ordered S’ym to attack Magik in the Earth dimension and kill her. When he failed, S’ym’s life was spared by Magik and he has pledged to obey her every command. He is quite afraid of her magical powers.

RUNNING MAGIK: Illyana is Peter Rasputin’s sister who was trapped in Limbo (though only for a few minutes in Earth time) and aged seven years there. During this time Belasco, then Lord of Limbo, adopted her and turned part of her soul demonic in nature. Despite her worries about her darksoul, Illyana’s good side maintains control. She eventually learned all of Belasco’s magic, challenged and defeated him, thus becoming that dimension’s Sorceress Supreme. She then returned to Earth, where she prefers to dwell, and joined the New Mutants. Illyana is unsure about her place in the universe, as a force of light or dark. ( In this campaign, Illyana Rasputin almost always remain in her Limbo pocket dimension to oversee things as that realm’s Sorceress Supreme. It is at this time that Kline has established contact and gained the ability to summon her in his earth to help him in his stint as a NEXT hero in Hero TV: Philippines. Illyana allows and even promotes this as a way for her to leave her limbo pocket dimension at times to prevent incessant boredom, to keep touch with humans, and to help keep her dark soul in check. Kline, for his part, visits her quite often if not summoning her to his earth, which Illyana actually looks forward to, for human companionship is virtually non-existent in her pocket dimension. As a result they have become quite, quite close, with her being the easiest to get along with for Kline among the five NEXT powered ladies that he is able to summon. ;D ]

Thundra derekrobertson

4.) THUNDRA altered human hero F AM (50) A EX (20) S AM (50) E EX (20) R TY (6) I GD (10) P TY (6) Health: 140 Karma: 22 Resources: EX Popularity: 8(76)


True Invulnerability: Thundra has Typical resistance to physical attacks.

Hyper-Leaping: Thundra can make Remarkable leaps (45 ft. up or across, 60 ft. down).

Hyper-running: Thundra can run at Typical ground speed (45 mph).

TALENTS: Thundra has the Weapons Master talent, and is also proficient in all Fighting Skills. She is a skilled Military and Political leader, as befits her station as head of the U.S.R.

CONTACTS: Thundra is a long-time associate of the FF. She is leader of the U.S.R. in her home time period.

BACKGROUND: Thundra is a citizen of the United Sisterhood Republic, a country in an alternate 23rd century Earth, Femizonia. Thundra was born in a government-run birth lab, where she was genetically engineered for greater strength, endurance, and resistance. She began to study military skills at age 8; by, the time she was 18, she was the U.S.R.’s finest warrior. When her world was invaded by soldiers from another alternate timeline, Macchus, Thundra acted to prevent Macchus from ever existing. She stole the Macchians’ time machine and traveled to 20th century Earth. Her plan required her to defeat Earth’s finest warrior, the Thing. When the Wizard learned of her intentions, he recruited her for the Frightful Four. From there she fought the Thing on
several occasions and even beat him once. However, she eventually realized that her actions would not affect the creation of Macchus. She turned against the Frightful Four. Afterwards, she became friends with the FF and began to develop a liking for Ben. Thundra was instrumental in merging the alternate timelines of Femizonia and Macchus. For a time, she stayed in the 20th century because she felt her world no longer existed. She wandered around and got further involved in Ben’s life. She aided him in stopping Roxxon Oil’s attempt to plunder the resources of other dimensions. She used the Nth Projector to return to her world and time. There she became Empress of the renamed United Sisterhood Empire. Her people wanted her to establish a dynasty. She decided that, since Ben was the only male she respected, he should marry her. When an emergency prompted her to call Ben to her time, she took the opportunity to propose. Because acceptance meant Ben would be forever unable to return to his time, he declined. As a favor, Thundra first returned Ben to an alternate timeline where he could propose to Alicia (Ben left her at the altar), then finally returned him to his own timeline. Since that time, Thundra has remained in her world, leading the expansion of the U.S.R.

RUNNING THUNDRA: Thundra is an aggressive fighter with a near-total disdain for men. She is a brilliant tactician and an honor-bound fighter. She is also prone to fits of rash behavior and may act before the time is right. She has a soft spot for Ben, but her personality won’t let her admit it’s something more than simple respect. It seems that Thundra is actually the easiest extradimensional personality that Kline can summon with his NEXT power, although not necessarily the most acquiescient upon being summoned. She at least tolerates Kline ( lucky him ) due to the fact that he has actually acquired the ability to summon her specifically, along with the four others, and is able to compel her to accomplish any task he would require of her, which Thundra grudgingly sets about accomplishing quickly, with the most direct means possible, so that she can quickly return back to her homeworld. She is still trying to figure out how Kline acquired the ability to summon her specifically ( wishing that it should have been somebody else ) & to even be aware & look into what’s happening Fernizonia, as he is able to eavesdrop in on her affairs. Kline, for his part, while having made a few trips to Femizonia to be more acquainted with Thundra, isn’t very keen on visiting it very often as of now, unlike the other realms inhabited by the other women he can summon. :D

Buscema mantis

5.) MANTIS; Real Name Unrevealed; altered human hero F In (40) A In (40) S Ty (6) E Rm (30) R Ty (6) I Ex (20) P Am (50) Health: 116 Karma: 76 Resources: Fb Popularity: 20


Empathy: Mantis has this power at Amazing rank because of the training of the Priests of Pama.

Recovery: Mantis has ’complete control" of her body, giving her Recovery powers of Amazing rank.

Resistances: Mantis has Incredible Resistance to toxins and diseases.

TALENTS: Mantis uses Martial Arts A, B, D, and E in combat, and the Resist Domination talent.

CONTACTS: Mantis gained her powers and talents through the Priests of Pama, who have since been slaughtered. Her father is Gustav Brandt, the criminal Libra. Mantis was an ally of the Swordsman and the Avengers, and briefly an Avengers member. She now wanders the universe in the company of the Swordsman, whose body is animated by the life-force of a member of the Cotati, a tree-like alien race.

BACKGROUND: While fleeing from Vietnamese criminals, Brandt and his young daughter found the temple of the Priests of Pama, a group of pacifistic Kree exiles, who lived among the Cotati. The priests separated Brandt and the child and raised her, training her in the powers and talents she now has. When she was grown, they implanted a set of false memories within her and sent her to live among humans. She met the Swordsman, who was then an alcoholic fugitive, and convinced him to reform. The Swordsman took her to America, and when he rejoined the Avengers, she became their ally. Her future destiny as the Celestial Madonna, the mother of a being who would bring peace to the universe, was discovered by Kang. The Swordsman died while protecting Mantis from Kang, but his body was later re-animated by a Cotati who revealed that he was Mantis’ destined mate. The two then left Earth to journey among the stars. ( It is during this time that Kline has established contact & is able to summon Mantis to his earth dimension. Mantis allows herself to be summoned by Kline as it enables her to still keep in touch with humans and to keep abreast of human affairs in a similar earth planet, albeit not exactly her own, as well as a way to stem off boredom due to incessant journeying through the vast expanses of her Universe. Kline experiences some difficulty visiting Mantis in her alternate universe though, as she is never in one place for long, incessantly gallivanting throughout her universe, and often in locales that is quite inhospitably lethal to Kline. At least she is more welcoming in accepting Kline’s visits than Thundra. : D ).

B.) T3/Dimension Travel at good (8) rank

This seems to be a side effect of his summoning NEXT power; Kline is able to travel into a number of other Dimensions. Transit to a random dimension normally occurs automatically but the Power is weakened by adrenaline. If Kline is in any kind of precarious situation, he must make a Power rank FEAT. He must also make a FEAT if he is trying to appear in a specific dimension or alternate timeline. Specific locations in the other dimension require a red FEAT. The return trip is easier. Returning to a random location on the homeworld is automatic. Returning to a familiar spot on the homeworld is a yellow FEAT. The hero initially has two dimensions he can travel to, his home and one other realm. Additional dimensions can be reached by developing the trips as Power stunts or by dropping the affinity that permits effortless travel to either of the two original dimensions. (“What do you mean, you don’t remember how to get back to Earth?”)

As of the moment, Kline can travel effortlessly to the alternate Universe of Mantis, and back to his own earth, plus he has developed, through practice ( aided by his extradimensional detection NEXT power ) being able to unerringly travel to that alternate dimension where the borders of to the Land of the Dead is witness to a seemingly eternal battle between the Demonic Dragon of the Moon v.s. Moondragon & her fellow defenders who are all with her there, to the alternate dimension where Illyana Rasputin’s Limbo pocket dimension is located, to the alternate dimension where the earth of Rachel Summers/Phoenix is located, and to the dimension where the alternate earth named Ferizonia is located, as specific Power Stunts (4). All other Dimension travel is as specified above.

C.) DT5/Extradimensional Detection at good (8) rank

Actually this was the first NEXT power that manifested in Kline shortly after he was recovering from that Solar flare exposure which bombarded him with cosmic rays that unlocked his NEXT Powers. Kline can sense across the dimensional barrier and see things existing in other dimensions. A list of some of the dimensions in the Marvel Universe is found in Realms of Magic. These include Asgard, the Astral Plane, Avalon, the Dark Dimension, the Demon Dimension, etc. The power rank number equals the number of different dimensions into which the hero can see.

As of the present, Kline, with good ranking in this NEXT power, is able to peek through 8 different dimensions: (pls. see book 2: Manual of Mysticism, Realms of Magic source book)

1.) the alternate dimension where Rachel Summer’s earth is located;

2.) the alternate dimension wherein the borders to the Land of the Dead there is witness to a seemingly eternal battle between the demonic entity known as the Dragon of the Moon & it’s corrupted spirit minions v.s. Heather Douglas/Moondragon & her fellow defenders;

3.) the alternate dimension where Illyana Rasputin’s Limbo pocket dimension is located;

4.) the Astral plane;

5.) the alternate universe where Mantis is journeying throughout the length & breadth of it’s cosmos, along with the reanimated Swordsman;

6.) the alternate earth dimension where Fernizonia, an earth-like planetary counterpart, is located and wherein, in the country named the United Sisterhood Republic, Thundra holds court as the Head of State of that country.

7.) the Dimension of Dreams;

8.) Hyperspace;

[note: it seems that the alternate dimensions harboring the land of the dead where Moondragon & her companions are doing eternal battle against the Dragon of the Moon, Illyana Rasputin’s Limbo pocket dimension, & the universe throughout which Mantis & a reanimated Swordsman are journeying together are all interconnected, and may in fact be the same earth dimension that is directly connected to the three mentioned dimensions, while Rachel Summer’s alternate earth dimension is another similar but distinct dimension altogether. In these dimensions, it seems that the campaigns there are of the MARVEL UNIVERSE, not HERO TV. But Moondragon, Phoenix, Magik, Thundra, & Mantis can all be summoned by Kline to HERO TV: Philippines campaign without undue difficulty, except as noted in his summoning NEXT power. :D ]

At present, the above are the NEXT powers possessed by Kline Talladen; as he develops his experience in using his current NEXT powers, he would be able to develop other NEXT powers in the future: MC10/Micro-Environment & M31/Telelocation.



Its a little after the new year 1981 N.C. and having just left Ashen Eclipse Digital Works to formally join Leyende it’s new business manager, (the company set up by his sister, Nieva), Kline P. Talladen immediately finds himself accompanying his family for vacationing at the new Nevis Range ski resort at the slopes of Aonach Mor, the highest peak in the Scottish highlands.

P090310 12.55

It was also around this time that NASA & the European Space Agency was expecting a solar storm estimated to discharge yet unprecedented high levels of radiation, with the radiation bursts reaching the earth, the Scottish highlands being one of the areas in that would experience the highest amounts of cosmic ray bombardments from the solar storm.

M9 solar flare jan 2012

Of course this was mostly unknown to the public, especially the Talladen family as they go about their ski trip at the Nevis Range, with Kline and a few members of his family immediately going to the ski range to try it out for themselves. As Kline was going for a ski jump, cosmic rays from the Solar storm coincidentally begin to hit the area, making the skies above the Nevis Range suddenly light up like some lesser version of the northern lights. This sudden kaleidoscope of lights makes Kline’s family members & every other person present to stop moving where they are and to stare at the play of lights, but not Kline as he continues his sliding run up the ramp to make his first ski jump, oblivious to the light show in the skies. And as he made his ski jump, a sudden fortuitous concentrated burst of cosmic radiation hits Kline while he is up mid-air, quickly toppling him back unconscious to the ground & making him roll over the rest of the Ski track. He is quickly recovered by his shocked family members, other concerned citizens, & the Nevis Range paramedics, who quickly rush him to a nearby first aid station. Kline awakens a few hours later at the Belford hospital, 7.5 km away from Nevis range, where he was taken by helicopter after shortly being treated at the first aid station. While he was out cold, he exhibited what appeared to be symptoms of exposure to hard radiation, which quickly & mysteriously disappeared after a little over an hour in the hospital. The sprains & bruises he suffered in his fall, however, were all still there & required a few days stay in the hospital to recover, after which he was promptly discharged as medical tests yielded nothing wrong with him anymore. With that, the Talladen family immediately ends the trip, unceremoniously going back to the Philippines.

But upon arriving back in the Philippines after the Ski trip & thereafter were hardly normal for Kline. He became restless, sleepless at night, as he kept seeing strange images – scenes he couldn’t make anything out of at that time – even with his eyes closed as he tried to sleep. These images, visions were of different locales, strange places which were even not of earth, in fact not even anything known to be existing in reality. There were scenes in outer space – of solar systems, worlds, stars, etc. – and these scenes would always revolve around what appeared to be a human looking couple, with the woman very oriental looking (Mantis), journeying together through it all

216px mantis  earth 900651  0001 307px avengers celestial quest vol 1 1

And there were even stranger images – a bleak windy place of perpetual twilight, filled with spirits and undead walking about, being commanded by what appeared to be a feral looking huge dragon to attack a small group of heroes led by a tall bald woman in very revealing attire ( Moondragon ).

1050960 dragon of the moon

And then there were visions of another reality, where it is always bleak & always nighttime as strange creatures roam about amid stone ruins, some of them being actual demons and with all of them being ruled by what appears to be a young caucasian girl in her late teens (Magik).

Limbo 830px inlimbo

There were even visions of a post-apocalyptic earth, in a country eerily similar to North America, where cities are walled concentration camps in which the population labor day & night in foundries and factories, all guarded and prodded by giant robots which are continuously harassed guerilla-style by a small group of humans, some of which exhibit NEXT powers, led by an old feral man with metallic claws for knuckles (an old Wolverine) and a woman in her late teens exhibiting mental powers and one strange power of bursting into a bright fiery bird-visage as her powers increase ten-fold (Phoenix).

South bronx mutant internment center

268px x men vol 1 141

And there was even what appeared to be earth but with a different set up as women were the dominant sex here, where the U.S. is instead named the United Sisterhood Republic and is a matriarchy presided over by a tall powerful looking woman (Thundra).


He could glimpse even more settings as well, which just added to his confusion & fear that he was going mad.

261px classic x men vol 1 23 268px dr strange ss79

After consultations with several M.D.s & psychiatrists, Kline’s kin finally turned to Fr. Jaime C. Bulatao, S.J, a professor in the Ateneo De Manila’s Department of Psychology and President Emeritus of the Philippine Guidance and Counseling Association (PGCA), and acknowledged as one
of the founding fathers of psychology in the Philippines, and family friend to the Talladens.


Being one of the foremost practitioners of parapsychology in the country, Fr. Bu, as he is more affectionately known, took Kline under his care, and with the starting premise that the latter’s unusual condition wasn’t really something to be ‘treated ’ but required more understanding of, suspecting that something else was at play here, the condition being not just a mere disruption of Kline’s psychological faculties. And true enough, thanks to his extensive experience in what is considered to be the ’ paranormal ‘, Fr. Bu was able to determine that Kline wasn’t experiencing a derangement of his mental functioning, but rather a remarkable enhancement of it; Kline wasn’t really hallucinating when he was seeing all the scenes, images, settings, etc. in his mind’s eye, even with eyes shut, but that he was in actuality perceiving remote places, locales that are not even necessarily in this ‘reality’ or ‘plane of existence’, with the eminent parapsychologist & Jesuit priest beginning in earnest to explain to Kline in detail about what is currently known about ‘parallel dimensions’ which was recently admitted to have an actual existence by theoretical physicists involved in the field of quantum physics; that somehow Kline got his mental faculties expanded to such an extent that he was able to peer through other dimensions, planes of existence that apparently co-exists with the one we are in ( the extra dimensional detection power/DT5 ). And so with this, it took just a relatively short period of time in which Fr. Bu helped Kline accept & get accustomed to his newly developed NEXT power, during which Kline learned to ‘switch off’ his extra dimensional awareness, ‘switching it on’ only when necessary. And thus Kline was able to lead a normal life again, without this NEXT power disturbing him. Kline’s incident with the solar flare at the Nevis range was attributed to as the plausible origin as to how he acquired the NEXT power. This then became an opportunity for Fr. Bu to start a study into these other dimensions as he engaged Kline to examine extensively these places he would see with his mind’s eye during the following long sessions with him. The Jesuit priest compiled a comprehensive catalog of the planes that Kline was able to perceive ( 8 in all ).

It was at this time that Kline inadvertently discovered his main NEXT power: the ability to summon entities existing in other planes of existence, namely the dimensions to which his dimensional awareness NEXT power has access to. It was during an extensive session with Fr. Bu in which Kline was observing the world of Femizonia, particularly what was going on in the USR that the NEXT heroine Thundra, the Head of State of the USR suddenly appeared before Kline & Fr. Bu. Disastrous results followed in which half of the 3rd fl of the Ricardo Leong Hall bldg. was almost totally destroyed. But it was also at this incident that Kline started to control his summoning NEXT power ( by hollering at an enraged Thundra – ’ why don’t you just friggin’ stop & disappear back from where you came from #@%&!!!* bitch!!’, promptly making a suddenly stunned Thundra to indeed stop her rampage & disappear back to Femizonia ).

And it was after this that Fr. Bu was again able to help Kline discover & control what was to become his main NEXT power through the next series of sessions ( all of which was thereafter held at distant outdoor, out of town locations as to prevent ‘accidents’ such as that 1st incident which almost destroyed the department of psychology in the Ateneo campus ) during which Kline was engaged to ‘summon’ anyone or anything he could do so with his new found ability. It was soon discovered he could summon a total of five unique individuals, all of whom are apparently human or human-like, who all came from the various dimensions that Kline could observe through his dimensional awareness power, including the previously irate Thundra who was previously ‘accidentally’ summoned already. Fr. Bu made sure that the utmost steps were taken to insure that these ‘summoning sessions’ would all be successfully conducted without incident, especially regarding Thundra; Kline made sure he gave the correct comprehensive command to make each of the summoned individuals, all of them being NEXT heroines ( all were female ), to be as harmoniously cooperative as much as possible during the sessions in which each were individually asked to relate everything they could about themselves and what their sentiments’ were now that they have discovered that Kline could summon them to this reality. It was Fr. Bu’s intention that these sessions must enable Kline to fully understand & be at home with this second newly discovered NEXT power. The welfare of those summoned was especially considered, with the aim that Kline must get to know each NEXT heroine very well & establish a positive rapport with each of them & vice versa, so that full cooperation & harmony would be evident in the next succeeding times that this NEXT power would be used by Kline.

It was soon after these second series of sessions that Kline got to discover the last, but not the least of his NEXT powers, by ‘unexpectedly’ disappearing into the dimension to which the NEXT heroine Mantis, one of the five that Kline can summon, belonged, during another ‘remote viewing session with Fr Bu, in which Kline was observing Mantis’ native dimension. Good thing Mantis was in an earth-like world at that time, with an earth-like atmosphere that had oxygenated air. Mantis was able to put the suprised and stressed Kline Talladen at ease so much so that he was able to ‘return’ to his reality, back to a worried Fr. Bu, fully discovering in the process his dimension travel NEXT power. Fr. Bu immediately set about to task Kline to fully understand & utilize this new NEXT power, like what had been done to the ones he previously discovered. It was soon learned that he could travel effortlessly, especially when relaxed, to Mantis’ own universe, & back again to this reality.

With practice, Kline was able to travel ( as a power stunt ) to the borders of the Land of the Dead, which was connected to Mantis’ home dimension ( but was in itself a different dimension ) where he came upon Moondragon, one of the heroines he could summon to his own reality, who was doing her usual battle with the demonic entity known as the Dragon of the Moon, aided by her 5 compatriots in the defenders non-team. This was Kline’s first experience to use his summoning powers in combat situations, earnestly summoning Phoenix, Magik, Mantis & Thundra, in that order, to altogether aid Moondragon & her group defeat ( but not completely eliminate ) the Dragon of the Moon. This became an occasional thing for Kline as he went back repeatedly, with the positive approval of Fr. Bu, to again aid Moondragon’s group in their battles with their demonic draconic foe ( it still proved to be unkillable up to this time, even with the additional muscle provided by the group of heroines Kline was able to summon to aid Moondragon’s former defenders group ). Moondragon for her part welcomed this aid provided by Kline and became more at ease with him which greatly contributed to his summonings of Moondragon into his own universe. The same was soon done in Rachel Summer’s ( Phoenix ) own alternate post-apocalyptic earth, with Kline helping her guerilla group often in their operations v.s. the sentinels that have taken control of their world, by summoning all the other heroines he can summon to fight alongside Rachel.

It was a different story, though, when Kline gained the power stunt to travel into Thundra’s world of Femizonia, in the USR particularly. Even if Thundra’s cooperation in her being summoned by Kline was eventually obtained, she still resented the fact that Kline is able to do this with her, and as a result, Kline is treated sarcastically in the few times he found himself in Thundra’s court, as the court itself is composed entirely of females who were of course chauvinistic to the utmost. This made Kline to not want to visit Thundra’s world unless absolutely necessary, until further notice, content at this point in being able to summon Thundra into his reality.

And it was Limbo, which was the last destination that Kline developed successfully as a power stunt to reach, in which he experienced being most at home to travel & stay in, despite the fact that this Limbo was a demonic realm, where demons moved about freely. It was Illyana Rasputin’s ( Magik ) apparent eager welcome that made Kline feel most at home in this plane, inspite of it’s nature. Illyana looked forward to Kline’s every visit, as human companionship was virtually non existent in her realm where she was Sorceress Supreme. She made Kline as comfortable as possible in each of his visits, and encouraged him to come back often, which he did. As a result the two became very fast friends as Kline was treated as a King in that Limbo realm at the behest of it’s Sorceress Supreme & apparent Queen. :D

Now that Kline was fairly at ease with his newly gained NEXT powers the next step was to give Kline a purpose to use the powers he now possessed. Taking a page from Kline’s initial involvements with Moondragon’s efforts to defeat the Dragon the Moon, & Rachel Summer’s attempts to free her earth of the sentinels’ influence, Fr. Bu directed Kline to seek ways to use his NEXT powers to aid good & defeat evil. It was precisely at this time that the auditions for HERO TV: Philippine edition was starting, of which Kline was pretty much aware of, having avidly followed the previous season of the american edition. Now that he was a NEXT himself, he decided that this could be the avenue through which he would be able to actively use his NEXT powers. Fr. Bu gave him hiss blessing & assurance of continued support & guidance, provided that he be involved with super hero reality show not to seek name & acclaim, & the certain wealth that would follow after it, but primarily as a way to utilize his God-given NEXT powers for the good of the Filipino public, as it was even more relevantly necessary in these current times, which the Jesuit priest felt as the main reason all along why he gained the powers seemingly by ‘accident.’ (There are no accidents, added the wise priest, as everything happens with a purpose that is ultimately in accordance with the Will of the Divine). Choosing the NEXT name ‘Summoner’ for himself, in obvious reference to his main NEXT power, Kline hurriedly goes about to qualify for a spot in HERO TV: Philippine edition so that he can fight crime for the Filipino public while seen live on HERO TV. XD

Kline has managed to raise his endurance from typical to good (+1 CS) by starting to regularly getting at least 2 hrs a day of gym hours at the Allez Hop wellness studio. And he has managed to raise his fighting ability from poor to excellent by regularly participating in aero boxing & taebo sessions in Allez Hop, & by his forays in the borders of the Land of the Dead & helping out Moondragon & co. battle the demonic dragon of the moon, plus frequently aiding Rachel Summers & her guerilla army in overthrowing the sentinels’ control of her alternate earth.

Concerning Kline’s connections as Summoner to the Ateneo de Manila University, it is confined to the Department of Psychology, specifically the Ateneo Wellness Center headed by Father Jaime C. Bulatao, S.J. But it can be assumed that the University administration – the board of trustees led by CEO Edward Go & current University President Jose Ramon T. Villarin, S.J. – knows about Kline & his connections with the Ateneo Wellness Center, especially after the ‘Thundra incident’ in the Ricardo & Dra. Rosita Leong hall, as they are regularly briefed by Fr. Bu. Although they quietly tolerate & permit Kline’s connections with the Ateneo Wellness Center, it is University policy that it isn’t publicly admitted & promoted & that, when the situation would call for it, Ateneo de Manila University would disclaim any connection whatsoever with the NEXT hero known as Summoner.

Kline’s NEXT hero identity as Summoner is publicly known in the sense that it is known to his family, co-workers at Leyende, inc., Fr. Bu & the faculty & staff of the Ateneo Wellness Center branch of the Department of Psychology of the Ateneo de Manila University, & to the other 5 companies sponsoring him in his stint as NEXT hero in Hero TV: Philippine edition. But outside of these mentioned, Kline keeps mum about his personal details, simply referring to himself with his NEXT identity as Summoner & directing all queries & references to himself to Leyende, inc. He does this to still keep a personal space of privacy for himself, & not to endanger as much as possible his family & loved ones who are at serious risk of being targeted by enemies he may make in his stint as NEXT hero in Hero TV: Philippine edition. Although anyone who is a good researcher, especially those with a background in journalism ( such as the NEXT hero Atlas ) can with a little effort find out who he is, as he doesn’t wear a mask in his NEXT identity as Summoner ( only Ray Ban classic round sunglasses ).


Besides his NEXT powers, Kline fights crime as the Summoner on live TV while also using the ff equipment ( just in case his summoned lady NEXTs’ is unable to shield him from the action, all acquired from e-bay & :D ):

.45 GAP Glock 39 ( treat as variable pistol in weapon’s locker with 6 shot capacity; optional 8 & 10 shots )

Kline typically carries 4 6-shot magazines with him when armed with his Glock as summoner

Kline uses Galco jack ass rig shoulder holster

Bronco tear gas spray ( treat as spray aerosol in weapon’s locker )

Rambo first blood survival knife ( treat as knife in weapon’s locker, comes with 14 split saw teeth in knife spine, cross guard with screw drivers built into them plus hole for lashing, survival kit in hollow hilt with matchsticks, first aid, fishing line & fish hooks, handle with knife compass, & comes with another folding knife )

China Dacheng kevlar bullet proof vest ( treat as flak jacket in players’ book )

2 pairs of handcuffs

Victorinox Midnite Minichamp swiss army with belt pouch, hang pouch, round curb chain, knife sharpener sharpy, multi-tool oil, nail file with nail cleaner, king ring, ball point pen, cuticle pusher, blade, scissors, LED (miniature flashlight) white light, orange peeler with scraper, letter opener blade, screw driver with ruler, cap lifter with magnet, Philips screw driver, & wire stripper

Kline typically uses for his costume as Summoner:

Jamin Leather single breasted black pigskin leather trench coat, Banana Republic brown camel car trench coat, Jos A. Bank dark cotton raincoat with leather collar trench coat, Jafrum black leather pants with side laces, dark blue levi’s 501, Doc Martens 1460 black Aztec Crazy horse leather shoes, Ray Ban ‘Legend Collection’ Round sunglasses.


Hero Television: Philippine Edition landcaster