Young female fashion stylist with potential to manipulate magical forces uses an ancient talisman to use powers that influence future events, cast protective spells, & generate light-based effects.d ef


Hero’s Identity: Sharmaine Anne Javier Fernando; nee. Macy (secret)

Age: 26 yrs.

Origin: Altered Human

Base of Operations: 171 Felix Manalo ext. San Juan, Metro Mla.

Group affiliation:

Primary Abilities:

F Excellent (23)

A Good (8)

S poor (3)

E Good (8)

R Typical (5)

I Remarkable (26)

P Remarkable (26)

Health: 42

Karma: 557

Initiative modifier: +2

Popularity: 5/10

Talents: 4/4

-Artist (Fashion Design)

-Mystical Lore (counts as two skills; represents Talisman’s background & aptitude for working with magical forces; it is this talent which enables Macy to use the legendary talismanic vest of the ancient Sulod hero Labaw Donggon)

-Occult Lore (Talisman has acquired extensive knowledge about magical societies, antiquities, and other subjects of magical lore, especially those connected with Philippine culture)

Sponsor corporations & Resources: Summit media, inc. In; Penshoppe Philippines Gd; SOFA (School Of Fashion & the Arts)Gd

Contacts: 5

Powers: 5/5 magical powers

mechanism: Talisman (Talismanic vest of Sulod Labaw Donggon)

Composed of gold and silver threads padded in the inside by cotton, This magical Vest is an artifact actually worn by the legendary Sulod warrior Labaw Donggon over a thousand years ago in while adventuring in the Philippine isles and all over asia at that time. Already ancient even during Labaw donggon’s time, the vest, in addition, is inscribed all over with magical writings in decals of a shiny unknown metal, and is purportedly lemurian in origin. After the death Labaw Donggon, his spirit was supposedly bound to the vest, the latter consequently disappearing from the public eye, being passed through countless owners down through the ages, who just kept it as a priceless heirloom without knowing its true significance, until circa early in the 21st century, when a young fashion stylist working for penshoppe, inc., named Macy Fernando bought an old wooden trunk at bargain price in a garage sale for an old house in san juan being demolished to make way for a condominium building, which contained the vest. Upon opening the chest and seeing the vest inside, Macy proceeds to wear it and then the vest’s magic makes itself apparent to her, with the supposed spirit of Labaw Donggon appearing before her and earnestly starts the task of mentoring her in the use of the Talismanic vest. While it is the actual appearance of Labaw Donggon which shows itself before Macy ( and which only she can see ), it is in actuality a hologram used by the Talismanic vest to communicate in a more “human-like” manner to the wearer of the vest, it being apparently intelligent. It is not known if the Talismanic vest also used to communicate this way with Sulod Labaw Donggon when he wore and used it over a thousand years ago, and with any other previous owners of the artifact even before the legendary Sulod warrior.

The talent mystical origin is required to be able to use the magical powers of the vest, which Macy has, enabling her to become the current user of the ancient artifact. As of this moment, it is not known if anyone else, even if possessing the talent of mystical origin, can also use the magical vest other than Macy, as the talismanic vest has accepted Macy as its current owner.

Exposure to the magical energies emitted by the talismanic vest, as well as the training provided by the ghostly apparition of Sulod Labaw Donggon has enhanced Macy’s abilities to up to remarkable rank, especially her fighting ability & Psyche.


MG2: Energy Source:(freebie)

The Talismanic Vest of Sulod Labaw Donggon is its own power source, providing Macy with all the raw Power she needs to work out the Magic it provides as long as she continues to wear it. It would not be possible at all for her to work out all its magic thats possible for her to work out at this time the moment she isnt wearing it. If it is already suspect that this isn’t really a Power but is more like a restraint, not so, for it is also a freebie. Thus, it has no power ranking.

MG9 Power Simulation: EE8 Light Emission at Amazing (46) rank

The Talismanic Vest enables Macy to emit powerful bursts of light that does Amazing Power rank damage at same rank range. The light is emitted from an aura on Macy’s chest as she is wearing the vest. The Power travels in a straight line, perpendicular to the body. The light may be of any nature:
• Normal light in any color or intensity; Talisman can light the area, dispel Shadow Powers, and temporarily blind targets.
• Coherent Light (lasers) that does Amazing rank level heat damage as they burn into targets. Lasers can also be used to carry information, relaying them to any receiving devices that is enabled to recieve them. Talisman can also create holograms using this magical laser light.

The ability to also discharge optic blasts isn’t enabled by the vest in this magical version of the power, but the absence of this feature in this version of the power gives +1CS (from incredible to amazing) in the rank possible for the vest to generate this power.

MG13 Warding at Excellent (16) rank:

Talisman can create areas of latent Power in any desired location. The Ward is designated by Talisman as she traces its magical symbol with her fingers on any surface she desires to place the ward upon. She can decide what specific Powers the Ward possesses and what the triggering stimulus will be. When that stimulus occurs, the Ward releases all its power in a single turn, generally in the direction of whatever created the stimulus. With an excellent rank enabled by the magical vest in warding, Talisman can create a total of up to 16 wards, each ward being able to accomodate up to 16 different powers ( even if she cannot use those powers directly herself ) & with each ward having up to excellent intensity. A Remarkable Intensity FEAT enables Talisman to create a single-use Ward. An Amazing Intensity FEAT enables her to create a self-renewing Ward. With the Power rank number being the maximum number of Wards she can have in existence at any one time, If Talisman tries to surpass this number, her oldest still-existing Ward harmlessly vanishes. The minimum distance between Wards is one foot for each point of the Wards’ combined Intensity rank numbers. For example, a Feeble and an excellent Ward both created by Talisman must be separated by at least 17 feet. If she attempts to place a new ward within range of an existing one, the new one will not function. If the new Ward’s area of effect would overlap with another Ward, the new Ward cannot have the full Intensity rank. The new Ward will have a maximum rank that will only touch the edge of the earlier Ward’s range. For example, for talisman, a Good Ward covers an area of eight-foot radius. If she tries to create an excellent Ward within 16 feet of the Good Ward, she discovers he can only create another Good ward at best. If she backs off another 8 ft., though, he can create the excellent Intensity ward that she desires. The triggering mechanism can be any condition stated by Talisman at the time of creation. Normally Wards are triggered by the close passage of a living being. Thus they are often found near doorways or in passages.

Once created, Wards last until they are depleted or destroyed. Given the durability of modern building materials, a Ward can last for about a century or so. (Quick, name five 100-year-old buildings in your area!) Wards can be destroyed by demolishing the surface on which they are placed or by the use of Magic Control/ Negation.

Wards can be detected by a number of ways. The simplest is the brute force method of triggering them (also called the really stupid method). The presence of a Ward can be revealed by either Energy ( Nanite can detect them through her energy signature detecting goggles ) , Magic, Power, or Psionic Detection.

Here is the list of all (16) different powers that Talisman is able to incorporate into her wards. Wards that employ a special variation on normal Power use, such as a Power Stunt, should be treated as individual Wards. Example: Consider two different Wards that each employ Force Field Generation. One creates a trap that envelops anyone within the target area. The other one creates an invisible column of force that shoves anyone back with excellent level Strength. Each of these is considered a separate Ward and requires a unique designation.

1.) D2/Force Field: The ward creates the type of field used by the Invisible Woman™. It provides protection against a variety of forces, including brute force, energy attacks, and extreme temperature conditions.

2.) variation of D2/Force Field: The effects are like the above, but this variation envelops everyone within the target area, entraping them.

3.) D3/Force Field vs. Emotion Attack: The ward provides protection from attacks that are emotion-related or aimed at the Intuition, including Emotion Control, Hallucinations, and Domination

4.) D5/Force Field v.s. Magic: The Ward protects anything from magical attack whether mental or physical in orientation.

5.) D6/Force Field v.s. Mental Attack: The Ward protects anyone from attacks aimed at the mind, neural system, and Psyche, including Psionics, and Neural Manipulation. It does not protect against emotion-based attacks (see D3) or magical attacks (see D5).

6.) D8/Force Field vs. Power Manipulation: This ward protects from any attacks that directly affect the NEXT hero’s Powers, including Weakness Creation, Power Control, Power Domination, Magic Control, and Magician Domination.

7.) D9/Force Field v.s. Vampirism: The field protects anyone within from any vampiric-type attacks. This includes the forms of Psi-, Bio-, Energy, Magic, and Power Vampirism.

8.) D10/Reflection: The ward can turn any attack back onto the attacker. The attack may be of any nature: brute force, Power, or magic. The Power absorbs the energy of the attack up to this rank and redirects it. A Typical FEAT send the attack off in a random direction. An Amazing FEAT reflects some of the attack back onto the attacker; it is now -3CS in Intensity. An Unearthly FEAT sends the entire attack back onto the attacker. If the attack’s Intensity is higher that this Power’s rank, some of the damage passes through and affects the hero. The Power rank is subtracted from the attack’s Intensity. While most of the attack is reflected, the remainder gets through to Talisman if she is within range of the attack.

Example: Talisman is battling X-Factor™ and creates this ward to protect herself. Cyclops™ fires an optic blast of Remarkable Intensity. Talisman can imbue up to Excellent rank in all the wards she creates & thus this Reflection ward with excellent rank. Her ward splits Cyke’s optic blast in two. A Feeble blast penetrates the ward and knocks Talisman back. The bulk of the blast was reflected, however. Talisman makes an Amazing FEAT, so some of Cyclops’ blast returns to him. Cyke takes Typical damage from his own Power.

9.) EC1/Absorption Power (energy): The ward can absorb a specific type of energy (any emitted energy forms, whether natural, artificial, or Power-based, including Light, Heat and Flame, Plasma, Hard Radiation, Electricity, Vibration, Sonics, Cold, and Kinetic Bolts (most of the Energy Emission category) and enables Talisman to actually gain Health points by converting
the energy absorbed and directing it to her for Self-Healing. She gains a number of Health points equal her Power rank number each time she is hit by any of the specified forms of absorbable
energy. This addition to Health quickly heals any damage she had suffer, and acts as a buffer to absorb consequent damage (temporary hp™).

In the absence of life-sustaining materials, the energies absorbed can act as a substitute for air, water, and food. She converts energy into healing power for the damage she’s taking from suffocation, dehydration, starvation, and any other unpleasant results of not living carefully.

10.) EE1/Cold Generation: This ward emits a field that decreases thermal energy and infrared radiation. The temperature in the area is decreased; the amount is determined both by a FEAT and the Power rank number (excellent 16). A Typical FEAT drops the temperature by 10x the rank number; a Remarkable FEAT drops it by 20x the rank number; and an Unearthly FEAT drops it by 40x the rank number. With Talisman’s excellent rank in warding she can create a ward with the Cold Generation effect that can lower a target’s temperature by 160 (10×16) to 640 (40×16) degrees. The only limitation is that the temperature cannot drop lower than absolute zero (-273 degrees Celsius or -459.4 degrees Fahrenheit).

The power has the side-effect of cooling the air within the area affected by the ward. Gases within that area may condense. Such by-products evaporate quickly after the Power ceases to operate.

Cold Generation can be used to negate other sources of cold, whether Power-based, artificial, or environmental; its Power rank decreases the intensity of the affected cold. However, it cannot be used to raise the temperature of a frigid environment.

11.) EE2/Electrical Generation (lightning): The ward creates streams of lightning that can do
Power rank (excellent) damage to anything and anyone within the area affected by the ward.

12.) EE4/Fire Generation: The ward if triggered projects fire that does Power rank (excellent) damage within the area of effect. The sudden firestorm also tend to consume all the oxygen in the location, making everyone within it pass out. There is the question of smoke and gases generated by the firestorm.

13.) MCo3/Disintegration: The ward has the ability to convert any matter in its area of effect into pure light. The energy dissipates harmlessly immediately after. The maximum amount of matter that can be disintegrated in a single turn is the number of cubic feet equal to the Power rank number ( 16 cubic feet ). Unwilling targets of this Power are allowed to resist it in any way they can. Actually, some air is accidentally Disintegrated whenever this Power is used – that’s why the Power appears as a glowing beam emitted around the area of effect.

Nemeses for Disintegration are Phasing (to protect the target, like the one exhibited by Silver Sapphire) and Ionization (to protect other targets) as the Power cannot affect intangible matter.

14.) L18/Sleep-Induced: The ward puts any target in the area of effect into a deep sleep, from which he cannot awake while the Power is in effect. During this induced sleep, the target is completely helpless The power rank (excellent)determines the duration of the Power. Sleep persists for 1 -10 hours after the Power’s duration. During that time, the victim can be awakened by anyone, but he’ll wake up naturally in any case.

15.) L1/Biophysical Control (aging): The ward accelerates or decelerates the aging process of everyone in the area of effect when triggered. The normal rate is multiplied by the Power rank number (excellent 16), making aging occur at a sixteen-fold rate forward or in reverse. A green FEAT accelerates aging. A yellow FEAT stops it. A red FEAT reverses it. As the victim’s age changes, physiology and mental capacities change as well. While the Power can function as a Fountain of Youth, it can also be used to kill through old age or regression to protoplasm.

A target can be protected from unwanted Biophysical Control by such Powers as Force Field Generation and True Invulnerability.

16.) MG3/Internal Limbo: The ward materializes a pocket dimension whose gateway is it’s area of effect. This is a timeless space of near-infinite volume. The world within is a vast sea under an almost completely cloudy sky, with an island bordered by a vast expanse of corrals that jut out of the surface of the waters. The island is almost totally encompassed by a stone fortress, with a vast underground dungeon complex. This is Tulogmatian, the seaside fortress of Saragnayan, the lord of darkness of the Sulod pantheon, and a mortal enemy to Labaw Donggon. The size of this pocket dimension is the equivalent of a cube measuring on one side the number of miles equal to the Power rank number ( 16 miles on a side, 576 cubic miles). The real limit to how much can be crammed into this little world is the size of the Gateway that everything must pass through, in this case area of effect covered by the ward. A target can Resist being draw in by the Gateway by using Strength, Agility, or any Travel Power. This Power’s rank determines what Intensity of Strength FEAT. A moving target requires an Agility FEAT to escape being drawn in. If the gateway draws in a target larger than itself, odd things can happen. One, only a section of it might be drawn in ; the rest would appear to be sticking out of the gateway. This could be fatal and quite messy if some factor were to suddenly negate this Power. Two, parts of it might be able to break off that would fit within the Gateway. This requires a Power FEAT based on the Material Strength of the target. Such broken materials are rejoined once the enter the Internal Limbo. Three, it simply might not work. The gateway would stick the target to it but that’s as far as it would go. Talisman is only limited to basic awareness of conditions within the Internal Limbo created by the ward.

The Nemesis for this is Dimension Travel.

MG10 Reality Alteration (Alter Future)(considered as 2 powers) at Remarkable (26) ranking:

Talisman, enabled by the magical powers of the Talismanic vest of Sulod Labaw Donggon, can reshape time itself in order to achieve a desired situation. Talisman’s version of this magical power is the control of the probability of a certain event coming to pass. The event can have any degree of importance, from a simple coin toss to the passage of the Mutant Control Act. Events of greater importance require Talisman to make the desired change in a series of several steps over a great period of time. The Power is limited to directly influencing events within a finite range of time and complexity. The maximum range into the future that Talisman can directly influence events is the number of turns equal to her Power rank number( 26 turns[156 seconds, 2.6 minutes] at remarkable ranking ). The complexity of the desired change decides what Intensity FEAT is required. Random chance or a single event that is decided by the dice requires a green FEAT to change to Talisman’s whim. Series of physical actions or altering a person’s decisions requires a yellow FEAT. Altering several conscious decisions by two or more people requires a red FEAT.

Talisman must be within line-of-sight of the location of the impending event in order to use this Power. Her Magical Sensory Link power is coupled with this Power & serves to extend its range up to the limit of the Sensory Link’s detection range ( also at Remarakable ranking).

This Power requires a great deal of cooperation with the Judge. If the FEAT is successful, the future event occurs naturally at the appointed time. If the FEAT is unsuccessful, the event is somehow protected from Talisman’s tampering. She must try a different tactic if she makes another attempt to alter that future event.

Example: Talisman has Remarkable Reality Alteration and a range of three minutes. She is incognito at a secret Congressional Appropriations Committee meeting at which Henry Peter Gyrich is seeking funding for additional Sentinels. Talisman is trying to cut the funding. As this requires changing the minds of several Congressmen, a red FEAT is required. Two minutes before the vote is taken, she tries and fails (her player rolled a 66). The Congressmen’s minds are already made up. She tries another tactic by concentrating on Gyrich himself. She increases the probability that he would do something incredibly obnoxious that would disgrace him in front of the Congressmen. This only alters a single mind and is a yellow FEAT. She fails that too (he’s too hidebound). Finally she concentrates on making the fire sprinkler system fail (a green FEAT). She succeeds, the room gets drenched, and the Committee adjourns before actually taking the vote. Talisman has another day to figure out some way to succeed. Some events appear to be too complex for this Power. In such a case, the Mage should remember the adage, “From little acorns grow mighty oaks.” A little time tampering today can snowball into a major rewrite of history in years to come.

MG9 Power Simulation: M27 Sensory Link at remarkable (26) ranking:

Talisman can telepathically link her senses with those of another being. She can use the information gained from the other’s senses as if it came from her own senses. An example would be a blind man really seeing through his guide dog’s eyes. The Power is crucial to sense-impaired characters. Such characters need other beings with the necessary senses to replace the hero’s own deficiency.

The hero could receive input from any living being, including companions, adversaries, onlookers, and even animals. The range for this is line-of-sight within one area. The hero can concentrate on the input from a single being but he can also automatically scan for other possible sense-donors. This is a mental reflex action that permits the hero to constantly seek out new contacts.

Sensory Link can be of benefit to heroes who are not sense-impaired. In such cases, the hero can scan distant areas through the senses of beings within the target area. The Power can be used to locate people, spy on foes, or simply to check out the scenery.

In particular, this magical version of the Power is also used by Talisman to increase the range of the effectivity of her Reality Alteration Power. The sense donor is unaware that part of his senses are being siphoned by Talisman. A red Reason FEAT is required for the sense-donor to feel the Power’s presence and even then the donor would probably not recognize what is happening to him.

A weakness of the Power is that, when in use, it decreases -1CS Talisman’s resistance to psionic attacks aimed at him or at the current sense-donor. A second disadvantage while in use is that Talisman’s initial Agility and Fighting ranks are decreased -1CS due to the fact that she is operating with a detached point of view. Either of these can be overcome by expending Karma.

The Nemesis is Neural Manipulation.

The Preceding magical effects of the Talismanic vest are only the surface of it’s fullest capabilities, being the only ones Macy can access and use as of this time. With advancing experience and longer tutoring of the “spirit of Labaw Donggon”, she may be able to use these other effects of the artifact, thus revealing its full potential:

MG9 Power Simulation: T4/Energy Path

MG9 Power Simulation: MC12/Weather Control

MG12/Sympathetic Magic (Voodoo)

MG4/Magic Control


Sharmaine Fernando, or Macy is your typical 26-year old cosmopolitan manila girl,385015 2425213477457 1465120823 2626030 1868700080 n 321166 2425220557634 1465120823 2626048 1721658751 n298664 2452946330761 1465120823 2650127 255066289 n who after having experienced turbulence in her studies, career and finances, and especially in her love-life for the past immediate years, deliberately makes major changes in her life style as she enters her 26th year of age, desiring for a more quieter, peaceful, stable life.372410 1465120823 1984603967 n Little did she know that her life was to take on a more different, dramatic, unusual direction, starting with the uassuming spur-of-the-moment purchase of an old chest-type locker box at a very ludicrously low price in a garage sale for clearance of an old house being demolished to pave the way for the construction of a condominium building near her palce in San Juan. Inside the chest which she had to break open to unlock, she discovers what appears to be an actual vest made of gold and silver wirings, with decal of strange characters (ancient lemurian magical script) of unknown metal. Upon wearing the vest on impulse, the vest suddenly comes alive, with the appearance of a ghostly male ‘Sulod’ warrior in his early 30’s, revealing himself to be supposedly the legendary ancient Sulod warrior Labaw Donggon Hinilawodwhose exploits are chronicled in the 8,340 verse -oral epic ‘Hinilawod’ of the Sulod people of ancient Central Panay. Declaring to the confused Macy that by right of being the rediscoverer in the early 21st century of the ancient talismanic vest of Sulod Labaw Donggon, the ghostly apparition admonishes Macy of actively using the powers of the vest to help the common people, right wrongs, and generally fight evil in the way it is appearing now in the present time. Thinking that all of this is too fantastic and too much for her, Macy declines, despite the apparition’s admonishons that ‘it is her apparent destiny’ to wield the powers of the magical vest in the current modern times, and proceeds taking off the vest and not wanting to wear it again, ever. Feeling unable to discard or dismantle the vest, she keeps and hides it, wanting to just forget about it.

But during the subsequent days, this proves impossible as Macy gets urges, promptings, and even dreams about the vest and it’s ghostly patron, still declaring that it is unavoidable for her to use the vest to fight evil in today’s world. And as a result, after a week of denial, Macy reluctantly wears the vest again, and proceeds to talk more in-depth with the ghostly apparition of Labaw Donggon to know more about the what the vest is and the history behind it, as well as what’s in it for her – her supposed destiny to use the vest in present times. After more or less a month like this where she asks all the questions she could think of, and where the ghostly apparition starts to actually tutor her about the vests powers and how to utilize them, Macy finally but still reservedly agrees to ‘sort-of’ start using the vest to do some good in the world. She starts with giving aid ‘incognito’ to the recently devastated areas of Cagayan De oro17cdoflood08 and the Compostella Valley of Davao del Norte, F4978e6423ae48ae9016837995980f2ehelping in the rescue of survivors and the retrieval of dead bodies, plus the distribution of relief goods and the rebuilding and rehabilitation of the affected areas thru the use of the magical powers she began to access from the vest.

She also begins going after small time crooks – mostly muggers, burglars, & carnappers, foiling their misdeeds and apprehending them for the local police. These beginning exploits make the ghostly apparition quite happy and more confident of Macy being the current possessor of the magical artifact. This also gives Macy more confidence, more interest, and thus more acceptance of actively using the talismanic vest for the general good of society.

Upon advise of the ghostly apparition of Labaw Donggon, she adopts the NEXT code name ‘Talisman’ as a general description of her and her magical NEXT powers. Soon after this, again upon advise of her ghostly mentor, she reluctantly and candidly joins HERO TV: Philippines as the magical NEXT heroine Talisman, where she starts formally fighting crime in view of the general public.Tumblr lnkn5q0 kud1qamhyd


Honda Civic Vtec

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well used; prone to a lot of mishaps like battery discharge if engine is left cold for too long, etc.

Macy uses the ff. hoodies & other apparel for costume when as Talisman (all along with a black leather mask and of course, the talismanic vest of Sulod Labaw Donggon):

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Dark brown doc marten boots blue denim guess jacket 400

White mellow yellow shoes grey h m hoodie 400

9920576984 400

Threader philippine allstars womens hoody halter red front f 1

Threader philippine allstars womens hoody halter purple front f 1

Threader philippine allstars womens hoody crop top gray zebra front f 2


Blackberry Bold 9700 smartphone

Tarot of the Witches deck; Osho Zen tarot deck


Hero Television: Philippine Edition sarthoth_7