The Blue Bolt


Hero’s Name: The Blue Bolt
Origin: Cyborg
Hero’s Identity: Blue Diamond Philips
Base of Operations: Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
Age: 21 yrs.
Group affiliation:

KARMA: 177




Alter Temporal Flow – The Mage can alter the rate at which time passes. He can accelerate or decelerate it to such a point that the affected area is apparently in stasis. The maximum amount that time is altered is proportional to the Power rank number. Time is accelerated by its normal rate times the Power rank number. For example, a Good rank can make time pass at tenfold speed. Deceleration makes time apparently pass at a rate equal to the normal rate divided by the Power rank number. For example, a Monstrous rate can stretch one minute into 75 minutes. The perception of time’s passage depends on who is actually accelerated or decelerated. To an accelerated person, the world has slowed down. To a decelerated person, time has sped up. Clever Mages can really screw people up by playing on this. For example,decelerating everyone around a certain person might make that person believe that he had actually been accelerated. The Power may be used to alter either the Mage or another target. If it is used against another, that target is allowed to resist. Such means include Force Field vs. Magic, Resistance to Magic, and Time Travel. The Power can be developed into a Variety of Power stunts.

Optional Powers include Precognition for Alter Future, Clairvoyance for Alter Present, and Retrocognition for Alter Past.Each form is its own Nemesis.


This is a Power that is unique to campaigns using the Marvel Universe. It does not apply to campaigns set in other parts of the Multiverse. The hero can generate and control the extra-dimensional energy-form known as “Darkforce.” This resembles a tangible,impenetrable shadow and possesses several unique characteristics that the hero can use to develop Power Stunts:
• Blunt attack damage at Power rank.
• Shadowcasting of Power rank Intensity darkness over a maximum of three areas.
• Flight at -1CS speed.
• Gateway.
• Energy Solidification.

The Darkforce is as yet undefined in the Marvel Universe. For your game’s purposes, you might simply treat it as an other-dimensional power source that fills its own entire pocket dimension. That definition will work in or out of the official Marvel Universe.


Normally a character’s Intelligence is determined in the Character Generation Process. However, the research for the Ultimate Powers Book showed that extreme levels of Intelligence can be a Power in its own right. Examples include The Leader and the late Soviet scientist known only as
Gargoyle. The hyper-intelligent character is a genius of awesome potential. He can quickly master new subjects, retain that knowledge indefinitely, and easily succeed in any mental endeavor. There are two ways the Power can be incorporated into a character. The player should choose one when he first creates the character (a coin toss will do).

The first method is a permanent modification of the hero’s Intelligence. The Power rank number is added to the hero’s previously generated Reason or Intuition rank number. The total is the
hero’s actual Hyper-intelligence.

For example, a character like the Leader started off with Good Reason. The gamma rays added Incredible Hyper-Intelligence for a final total of Amazing Reason rank.

The second method uses Hyper-Intelligence the same way most other Powers are used-intermittently. Just as Siryn doesn’t scream all the time, so too would a Hyper-intelligent character have normal intelligence most of the time. When he uses his Power, he transforms himself into a mental giant. The way it operates is the character’s normal rank for either Reason or Intuition is raised the number of levels equal to the Power rank (Feeble is +1CS, Poor +2CS, and so on). The total is the actual Hyper-Intelligence rank the character can achieve using this Power. The hero can retain this higher rank for a limited amount of time; the duration is the number of minutes equal to the original Ability’s rank number. This is for the first time each day the hero uses the Power. Each successive time the hero uses his Power within the same day decreases the duration -1CS.

Example: Steve is creating an awesomely wise alien named Shepherd. Shepherd has a normal Incredible Intuition rank. His Power rank is Excellent. This raises the Intuition rank by +5CS to a potential Shift-Y rank. Shepherd can retain this enhanced state for an Excellent duration of 40 minutes before he reverts to normal. summoning his Power a second time, he returns to
Shift-Y Intuition for a Remarkable duration of only 30 minutes. He can summon his Power five more times after that, then he has to rest. When creating the character, the player can increase the Power rank +1CS by specializing in a specific fields. After all, comics are filled with characters who are titans in the lab but failures in other fields. Possible fields include Professional and other Talents, such as Medicine, Engineering, and Animal Training. Optional Powers include Hyper-Invention and Total Memory.
The Nemesis is Mind Drain.


This is a special form of Hyper-intelligence that is common enough to merit its own classification. It is a permanent enhancement of the hero’s overall intelligence that is channeled into the field of mechanical design and engineering. The hero is an Edison-like
genius who take existing materials and technologies and use them to create new devices or applied technologies. He can repair previously operational devices, even if the device was of an unknown type.

The hero can learn new technologies at a rate determined by his rank, the complexity of the technology, and the amount of instruction available. Modern technology requires an Excellent Intensity FEAT. Advanced technology requires a Remarkable Intensity FEAT. Alien or futuristic technology vary from Incredible Intensity (Shi’ar) to Unearthly (the Watcher). The color of the FEAT is determined by the amount of instruction the hero receives. A green FEAT requires instructional materials that explain the technology (a teacher, books, holocubes). A yellow FEAT is required if the hero has access to materials not specially designed to instruct someone in that technology (readouts, performance specs, operating
manuals, a copy of a working device). A red FEAT is required if all the hero is has an inoperational device if that technology. Like Hyper-intelligence, the Hyper-Inventor can raise his rank +1CS by specializing in a particular field. Examples include vehicles, weapons, biomedical technology, and architectural engineering. The hero has the ability to manufacture or modify items using any technology he knows. He still requires adequate physical resources to create the items, though the cost of anything he builds himself is decreased -2CS compared to the list price for off-the-shelf versions. A Power FEAT based on the desired item’s tech level determines the durability of the item. A green or yellow FEAT means the item has the same durability as a normally manufactured item. A red FEAT means the item will function but has performance problems; the Judge can decide how long or well the item functions before it fails. Note: This is one of those Powers that can be used for personal profit. The hero can design and build exotic paraphernalia for other characters and
NPCs on commission. This can raise the hero’s Resource level by whatever fees he can get away with.

Optional Powers include Weapons Tinkering, Machine Animation, Molding, Artifact Creation, and Machine Creation.Nemeses are Mental Duplication and Mind Drain.


HBO Game of Thrones


Blue came from a small provincial town. He ventured into the city with his hopes and dreams in hitting it big as a Rock Star. Together with his genius best friend Kyle Brightstar. Through their college years together they were always known as a bitter rivals Brains vs brawn. Blue having his dashingly good looks and chiseled frame was captain of the Le Cross team. While Kyle excelled in academics and was Student council president. But even though this has been the case their friendship and loyalty to each other always persevered. They never harbored any jealousy towards each other. After Graduation, Kyle being the insane genius that he is ended up working as a mad scientist/weapons creator for a top secret government agency. While Blue on the other hand struggled in keeping his multiple odd jobs and maintaining his so called singing career.

Both buddies lived in a two story apartment building. The second floor contained the rooms. On the 1st floor was Blue’s Studio where he practiced constantly his face melting moves and Head banging tunes. On the basement was Kyle’s lab where he made his experiments and practiced his weird curiosity in mysticism.

One day, While Blue was doing his usual vocal extravaganza on his studio. An explosion broke out from the basement. Blue rushed downstairs his concern was for his best friend Kyle. Alas he would only be greeted by wild fires quickly spreading across the entire room. Nevertheless, being the courageous hunk of a man that he is. He swoops in. He finds Kyle trapped inside the broom closet unconscious from inhaling too much black smoke. He carries Kyle on his broad and muscular shoulders with ease. As Blue heads up to the stair…It then collapses, instinct kicks in and Blue throws his friend up the stairs out of harms way before plunging into the fiery depths of the basement. The beams collapse on him burning his flesh and limbs. Few minutes surpass, the sound of sirens echo through out their two story apartment. The Fire fighters have arrived. Perhaps a little too late….

Kyle regains his consciousness in a hospital bed. Beside him his best friend Blue all covered in bandages in an induced coma to help him recover from the 4th degree burns he suffered from the fire. A few weeks pass, Kyle recovers completely from the tragic accident. However, the doctors saw differently with Blue. Because of the degree of his burns were beyond medical treatment they cut off his arms and his legs. Feeling the burden of guilt on what had happened to his bestfriend, Kyle devises an ingenious plan to help his friend get back on his own two feet and once again begin to hope.

Kyle comes back where it all began his lab or whatever is left of it by the fire.

The Blue Bolt

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