F IN (36) Health: 191
A AM (46)
S AM (46) Karma: 68
E MN (63)
R RM (26)
I EX (16)
P RM (26)

Origin: Alien (rolled 96 on the origin table)

Powers: (5/5 = -1 power slot due to alien)
Power Duplication (PC4): MN
– Magnetic manipulation"
– Energy Emission(magnetism)"
– Energy Sheath(magnetism)"

["previously rolled powers prior power duplication]

Talents: (3/4)
Electronics, Repair/tinkering, Engineering

PC4/Duplication: If the hero acquires this Power, the player should immediately set aside all his previously generated Powers and not roll anymore. The hero can use his Macro-Power to duplicate the characteristics of any other Power. The Power ranks for the duplicated Powers is equal to the Macro Power’s own rank. Such Powers remain as long as the hero concentrates on maintaining their existence. Unfortunately, the hero can only Duplicate a single Power at any
one time. Switching Powers takes three turns.
The hero must be exposed to a Power in order to later duplicate it. Such Powers must be used within 10 feet of the hero. A green FEAT enables the hero to store the Power for later duplication.
It is assumed the hero has been exposed to others’ Powers at some point in his past. Initially the character has a limited number of Powers he has already encountered; these are represented by
Powers already generated but set aside. If this was the first Power the hero generated, then randomly generate a single Power.
The hero rapidly gains Powers by duplicating those of companions or foes. Since the Power must be used, foes can be a hazardous source of new Powers. The hero has a finite number of Powers he can duplicate. The maximum number is equal to his Power rank number. If the hero exceeds the limit, the new Power replaces an old one. The act of analyzing a Power for later duplication takes three turns. In no way does this affect the source of the Power. The hero can develop a Power Stunt that enables him to duplicate Talents as well.

*EMP does not know that he can duplicate powers. The only time he can attempt to duplicate powers is during time of need and dire desperation and the power needed is something that he had already seen. May require Psyche feat roll.


EMP past is obscure. He has no recollection of where he came from nor his identity. He has been wondering the secluded mountainous area near the city of marikina. Hiding in caves or abandoned houses living of the land. He dress up in patched up clothes and looks dirty. In other words he looks like a bum wondering the streets of the city.

He sometimes wonder to the outskirt of the city to pick up food or stuffs that he thinks is use full. He brings it back to the cave were he usually stay and put together stuff not knowing what he is doing.

One event that manifested his powers was during a major solar event. A massive solar flare was released through space and hit the planet. the massive change in the magnetic field of the planet send a tremendous amount of electromagnetic pulse to rain down on the planet. disabling almost 70% of all the electronic devices that is in the direct path of the flare. The 30% that survived was set in the business district of the country. It is said that a being of light flew to the top of the city and raised a shield reflecting back the overflow of the magnetic pulse. after the said event the being suddenly vanished.


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